Ch. 16

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"Mother! Language." Paxton scolds, playfully. He is definitely amused and proud to have his mother this angry.

"Don't tease me, Paxton. I heard what you're doing. But let me tell you something you little slut." She says, turning to me with her hand on her hips. "I don't care if you're pregnant, give me a number and be gone with you and your bastard."

"I will literally hog tie you in two seconds if you don't stop glaring at me." I seethe, standing up. "I didn't trick your son. I'm not pregnant and I can assure you any baby of mine would never call you grandma." I glare back.

"Paxton, tell your help to get out of this house or I will not be held responsible for my actions."

"Mother, this is Adelaide Pickett my fiancee and future wife. I'm so happy the two of you have finally met." He states, sarcastically. "Shes living with me, so if anyone will be leaving its you. Now, behave yourself or I'll let Adelaide have her way and hog tie you."

"Paxton, now is not the time for jokes. I've spent all day telling people that it was a horrible rumor, that you were not engaged to this...this tramp." She spits out, disgusted.

"Like I said mother those are not rumors and I can promise you she's no tramp."

"How, could you! This piece of trash? Paxton, its laughable really."


I have had enough. "Listen, I'm sure it's hard since all that botox has seeped into your pathetic excuse for a brain. But I don't want anything to do with you either. I'm not the one with their fake boobs stuffed into a blouse I'm sure you bought in the kids department, you look more like a prostitute then I do. At your age its disgusting and frankly you're not fooling anyone. You will always be an horrible old woman that the rest of the decent folks in Marquette try avoiding because you're simply not worth our time. I may come from nothing but you are nothing. You're nothing to anyone in this town and you will be nothing to me."

She is turning bright red but I look at her bored. I've said what I had to say, Paxton can deal with her now. "Well that went well." Paxton states, breaking the silent tension.

"I'll never agree to this marriage, Paxton. I will not attend the wedding or speak to this thing again." She states, waving her well manicured hand at me.

"If that's the way you want it mother."

"Paxton, enough of this foolishness!"

"You're being awful as always to anyone you deem below you. This is happening. I've asked her to marry me and she has accepted. You have no reason to dislike Adelaide and I won't be siding with you on this. When you want to grow up and apologize for the things you've said, you know where we live."

"You're not stealing my only son from me. You're not good enough for him, but you'll see! Standing next to him, you look even smaller."

"That's funny, because when I stand by him I feel seven feet tall." I remark.

She steps closer to me and whispers. "I will destroy you. You've been warned." She huffs and walks over to Paxton air kisses his cheek. "When you come to your senses call me and I will find you a suitable wife."

"I won't be needing to call you. I think you know that, and don't you dare start anything in town or I'll take away your allowance. I don't care if you don't want this marriage, I knew you'd have a few words to say about it. But if you do anything, anything at all to harm or demean Adelaide and our life together, you'll be needing a job." He threatens.
I mentally applaud him. Man, I wonder what his father's like? I don't want two nasty in-laws.

"I'll walk you out, if you don't have anything else to add."

"You'd chose her over your own mother?" She asks, outraged.

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