Ch. 21

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I turn to see my mother coming towards us. What the hell is she doing here? "Did you call her?" I ask, Paxton.

"No. Of course, not." He whispers, truthfully.

I see my cousin Britney behind her, my confusion mounts. "Mother what are you doing here? Hey, Britney." I give her a hug. I've never liked her, simply because she never liked me.

"I didn't know how to get a hold of you. I thought I'd come see Paxton, to talk about the wedding. Paxton, this is Adelaide' s cousin, Britney." Britney comes forward bumping me back slightly giving him a hug.

"You could have called."I mutter softly.

"Welcome to the family, Paxton." She purrs. Paxton steps back slightly, ending the hug.

"This is my step brother, Bryan Singer." He introduces. My mother holds out her hand. "Pam Pickett, nice to meet you."

Britney is still eyeing Paxton. When she holds out her hand to Bryan she looks him over too. Apparently, liking what she sees she keeps his hand longer then necessary.

"You must be the best man, I'm the maid of honor. We should exchange numbers so we can get together to discuss the wedding." She winks.

"You're not my maid of honor, Britney." I state, confused as to why she would think that.

"Yes, I am. Your mother asked me for you. Who else are you going to have? One of your brothers?" she cackles.

"It is her wedding. I think she gets to decide who stands by her." Bryan states, already annoyed.

"Addie, you need someone who can help pick out nice things for the wedding. Not to mention your wedding dress." She replies, nodding with my mother in agreement.

"Mrs Pickett with all do respect, we won't be needing your help with the wedding. We want to do it together and if Adelaide doesn't want Britney to be in the wedding, then she won't be." Paxton steps in his voice hard.

I take his hand and squeeze it as a thank you. I look up and he bends down kissing my lips. "Adelaide, I would like to talk to you please." Ma says.

"There's nothing to say. Britney has never liked me and I don't want her in the wedding. I don't want you to help plan the wedding because you broke Pa's heart. Which, you'll do again when you leave. Next time, do us all a favor and stay gone."

"I'm still your mother."

I shrug, "Yes. Unfortunately you are." I grumble. Ma must have heard, because I feel the sting of her hand on my cheek.
I feel Paxton tense up. I'm not used to these smacks. It leaves me stunned.

"You have two seconds to leave my building before I drag you out." Paxton threatens.

My mother narrows her eyes at me and I hear Bryan say, "Fuck that." He grabs Britney and my mother's arms pulling them to the double doors.

Paxton turns to me. "Are you okay, he asks his fingers caressing my cheek."

"Yeah." I say, fazed by the slap.

Bryan walks back. "Your mother is lucky she's a women."

I laugh. "Please, its not worth it. She never has liked me much. I'm just a disappointment, just another one of the boys. Can't blame her, she really wanted a, girly girl."

"You need ice for your face." Paxton says. His secretary, slash receptionist comes over.

"Are you okay. Can I help?" She asks, sympathetically.

"I think she'll be okay. Thanks, Stacey." Paxton replies, keeping his eyes on me.

"Stacey? I thought your name was Margaret?" Bryan, questions.

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