Chapter 9 [updated]

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[ you ]

"We could retrieve the scale from a residing gobblewonker, a dead one will do just fine, though." Will tapped his lips thoughtfully.

"Im pretty sure that the gobblewonker was just a robot." Dipper strained his voice, he was really unsure, you could tell.

"Ah, your feeble mortal minds." Tad rolled his eyes and sighed, "Of course it's real."

"Does that mean we... go back to Gravity Falls?" You rubbed your arms nervously, afraid that you would lose the warm feeling of skin on your arm once you left this dimension.

"I must remain here for now." Will informed his yellow counterpart, "I have to try and trick the twins into thinking that I did not leave."

"Sure, sure." Bill snapped his fingers, you noticed a twitch in his arm afterwards though. You didn't know what it meant, and it seemed no one paid any attention to it, so you shrugged it off. A portal flickered open and the group stepped through.

Travel through portals was generally a quick experience, occasionally you'd get a glimpse of the swirling plasma colors around you, but it only lasts a second. This time, you could see the end of the portal ahead of you. On instinct, you curled your legs up and put your arms to your face and braced for impact.

Only to realize that you were floating mid air by the time you fell out of the portal. Right, you remembered, Mindscape.

"Y/N?" Dipper was launched out of the portal, he tried to land on his feet but lost balance and fell onto one knee. He looked around, frantic. "Y/N?"

"Dude, I'm like, right here." You drifted in front of him, you looked into his eyes, but he saw right past you. Literally.

"Mabel, please, please don't tell me we somehow left Y/N?"

"Hah?" Mabel gasps, then the twins break into a panic, shaking each other by the shoulders, accompanied by screams of panic from Mabel.

"Wow, I never realized how stupid these two were." Bill sighs exasperatedly, "Alright, Hot Pocket, help me calm these idiots down."

Tad scowls, crossing his arms but following his brother. "Whatever."



Alright! That's it! I'm going to have a metal breakdown

"Yo, Pine Tree." Bill casually floats down to the ground, kicking at the dusty floor. "We didn't leave her, dumbass."

"Wait, What?" Cut me some slack, I'm a twelve year old, my mind isn't that quick. Bill rolls his eyes exaggeratedly, "Oh, right."


"Here." Bill pulls something out of his pocket, it looked like a container for contact lenses. "Put it on."

"Contact... lenses?"

"No shit, Sherlock."

Cautiously, I take the container from his hands, I'd never noticed that he had strangely shaped nails. I flipped open the container, scooping up the contact lens floating in the liquid required to keep it moist. Carefully, I let it slide on top of my eyes, blinking a few times to get accustomed.

"You trust way too easily, Pines."

"Wha-what is that supposed to mean?"

"Try getting it out." Bill's lip pull into a grin. I could feel the color flush from my face, I blink a few more times, and I could've sworn I saw these... things, they weren't human, they weren't normal, then again, nothing is truly normal.

That caused me to panic, I frantically tried scoping the lense ur of my eye with a trembling hand, and Bill laughed, leaning back and putting a hand to his left pec.

"Calm your ass, Pine Tree." Bill's laughing soften into a series of chuckles. "You can't get it out no matter what you try."

"Then how did you get it out?!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands at him.

Bill only retained his smile, before lifting a hand and pointing to the left side of his face, which was covered by the eyepatch. "Ever wonder why I only have one eye?" He lifts the eyepatch to reveal and empty black socket, "Had to cut my eye out to get rid of that."


"—Then, I said: 'Eat this!'"

I tilted my head back to find Y/N speaking with one of those... things I saw earlier. I raised my eyebrows up in surprise, the imaginary creature disappeared, Y/N spin around and waved. "Hey! Dip Dot! Can you see me now?"

I definitely needed to ask her about that creature, but not now. "Yeah! I can."

Y/N still kept many of her physical features while in the Mindscape, the only difference was that it looked like somebody intentionally colored her different shades of blue, and her body was like glass. Not by any means fragile, but translucent.

"So!" Y/N floated away from me and towards Bill, I looked over slightly and saw Tad helping Mabel out with her own pair of contacts, my twin sister didn't seem to have any problem with the fact that the lenses permanently fused into her eyes, but okay.

Bill turned around with that smile, opening his mouth to speak.

He was rudely interrupted by a portal opening, Will politely stepped out and adjusted his bow tie, clearing his throat simultaneously.

"W,, what are you doing here?"

"My name is Will! I'm the demon sent by cyber life!" Will exclaims, and Y/N snorts. "I'm only smiling because the twins from my universe have banished me from their tent and I am trying to conceal the absolute sorrow and grief that no one can fathom."

That... pretty much ruined the mood.

"Oh boy."




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