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Welcome to the Mindscape [Bill X Reader X Dipper] by -n_lotely-
Welcome to the Mindscape [Bill X R...by Emotional Gay™
What happens when two guys fall in love with one girl? Ahaha, it's not what you think. One guy is a thousand year old demon, and the other is a twelve-year-old human boy...
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Enigma (Dipper x Reader) by fxller
Enigma (Dipper x Reader)by ▶ shmebulock ◀
Y/N L/N has lived in Gravity Falls her whole life. She thought she was the only one who knew about the strange things about this town but, that all changes one faithful...
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Some Sunny Day (Bill x Reader) by Demonicgrl
Some Sunny Day (Bill x Reader)by Demonicgirl
Hey humans!! This is my first fan fiction, so don't be too cruel ok? I can take some criticism to learn on what people want me to write but don't be too harsh please. En...
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▍No Ordinary Summer - Dipper X Reader X Bill ▐   ✔ by chivlahou
▍No Ordinary Summer - Dipper X Rea...by Chi
.。*゚+.*.。   ゚+..。*゚+ One summer in Gravity Falls and your life changed. All because of meeting Dipper, Mabel and Bill. Go through lots of adventures and meet series of a...
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A Summer in Gravity Falls (Dipper X Reader) by BeccaSaysHi
A Summer in Gravity Falls (Dipper...by Rebecca?
Y/n L/n thought that everything in her life made sense. That is, until her parents mysteriously shipped her off to Gravity Falls for the summer. Y/N didn't know it yet...
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重力 - [Gravity] (Dipper X Reader X Bill) by TheRunaway4
重力 - [Gravity] (Dipper X Reader X...by Nora
-------------------- When you were little you made a mistake of making a deal with Bill Cipher the dream demon, once the deal was sealed you were pushed into another dim...
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Weird  (Dipper x reader x bill) by Xx606xX
Weird (Dipper x reader x bill)by CATS 🐯
(Y/n) was new to gravity falls, her parents wanted to live somewhere peacful without all the honking cars and busy streets like how it was in the city. (Y/n) didnt want...
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Cipher X Reader X Dipper 《Love Triangles》 by Monsters_Inc_Boo
Cipher X Reader X Dipper 《Love Tri...by Judi Takahiro
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Love Square?! (a Gravity Falls fanfic) by mysticmeowstic
Love Square?! (a Gravity Falls fan...by Mystic
This is a xreader book! (Y/n) is visiting Gravity Falls for the summer to stay with her parents's friend, Grunkle Stan. She meets the Mabel, Dipper, Bill, and Gideon. A...
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