Chapter 18

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Will's POV

Y/N ended up falling asleep on my chest, though it was already one am, she had only fallen asleep about ten minutes ago.

I stayed up, not needing sleep, I watched over the three. Guarding them, protecting them from any harm.

Bill and Tad were still outside, I couldn't hear much but I knew they were still there.

Y/N squirmed a bit, but it alerted me. I stared at her, placing my hand on her forehead. . . She wasn't alone in her mind.

I zapped myself into her dream, to be honest. It was quite nice, it was a beach scenery, with five people sitting near the water enjoying the sun set.

Where was the trouble?

I walked closer to the five people, as I got closer and closer, the four of the people began fading away, and as I stood right behind them. The four took off, flying into the air, and disappearing.

All that was left was a (H/C) girl.

"Excuse me."

She turned around with tears streaming down from her eyes. I blushed and took a step back when I saw her face.

"Wi-Will?" She whimpered.

I stepped forward and nodded. "Y/N?" I asked.

She smiled weakly and ran towards me, embracing me in a hug. "I- I... thought you and the others left me! I thought you were all dead!!" She cried into my blue sweater.

I took out a napkin and dried her eyes, then quickly noticing that they weren't... hers.

They were white, as if she were blind. I also noticed that her body was paler than in reality.

"I'm so happy to see you..." She sobbed.

"Yo-you're not the real Y/N... You're... not her..."

"Hehe, that's right." She smiled, "I'm Y/N Dreamurr. Your Y/N's dream version!"

"Wow, you're just as pretty as her." I complimented.

"Thanks. It's been a while since I've seen you guys." She sighed, pushing back her (H/C) bangs.

She was wearing an (F/C) long sleeve shirt, plus (Any other color that will match) shorts. And a long (red/blue/yellow) scarf around her neck.

"If you're wondering why the real Y/N was squirming and stuff. It's because Bill is in trouble." She shrugged.

"How do you know?"

"I can see without Y/N's eyes. I'm not just trapped here, I've been watching you guys ever since we met!"

"Where's Bill?"

"Outside the tent." She winked.

I smiled and thanked her. "I'll see you later."

"Same here." She nodded.

I left Y/N's dream and ran outside the tent where everyone was asleep.

I heard grunting and sounds of struggling coming from the forest. I ran in, igniting my hand for light.

I spotted my brother dealing with his boss, Malphas. And Tad standing aside, watching all of it happen.

"He-hey!" I barked.

Malphas turned to me, his long raven like beak opened and he hissed at me. "Strange. Get rid of him. He must not see this." Malphas flicked his finger, it became sharp like a knife as he began to cut Bill's throat.

"Brother!!" I cried, running for him.

Tad stepped in front of me. "Hey!"

"You're not getting any closer, you wimp." He spat, shoving me backwards.

"Bro-brother!" Bill cried, "Run! Take everyone else and run!"

I watched Bill's blue blood drip from his throat, staining the floor and his own clothes.

"N-no." I whimpered.

"Excuse me?" Tad hissed.

"I said no!!" I yelled, running for Tad, aiming for his stomach.

"Paphetic." He rolled his eyes, swiftly blocking my attack.

I growled and tried attacking again.


Every time I would attempt to attack and fail, he would say something like. "You disappointed him."

"What are you trying to achieve?"

"Still fighting?"

"Give up."

"He doesn't care about you."

"Just, stop."

By now, Malphas had already left a huge cut in Bill's throat.

"No. No. No. NO!!" I yelled, phasing passed Tad and going straight for Malphas. "Get away from my brother!!" I yelled, pulling out my battle axe and aiming directly for his neck.

"Will..." Bill whimpered.

Malphas vanished, then appeared beside me, punching me hard, forcing me to slam against a tree.

I got up almost immediately. "You are NOT going to hurt him again!" I yelled, aiming once again for his neck.

I couldn't even think straight. He hit me again, forcing me at the ground this time.

After numerous strikes, I finally realized I was doing it all wrong.

I was aiming for him. But I should be aiming for his Raven!

I teleported and pulled down his hood, moving away faster than I did before. There it was, the black raven, it was just... sitting there.

I teleported and reached for the raven, right before I grabbed it. I felt something pierce through my stomach, going through my body and right back out my back.

My eyes grew wide as I spit out blood, I looked down and saw that Malphad had brought out his own sword, stabbing me in the stomach.

"Hehe." He chuckled.

I growled, despite me bleeding almost all of my blood out, I still managed to move forward and grab the raven, squeezing the life out of it.

I don't even want to describe how Malphas died after that, but... he disappeared, he was dead. And Tad just stood there. Until I realized it wasn't him anymore, Tad had left. And the one standing there was Y/N.

"Will? Bill?" She whispered.


She ran over to me, since I was closer. "Oh my God..." She gasped, covering half of her fave with her hand.

She grabbed me and dragged me over to Bill, grabbing his hand then dragging both of us to the tent.

She brought out her backpack (which she had gotten from Bill's houze before falling asleep) and fished in it.

She pulled out some bandages and some cotton or something.

She tried to stop my bleeding, but not much could be done for me. There was a hole in my stomach. "Y/N... do Bill first..." I wheezed.

She nodded and whispered before running over to Bill, "I'm not letting you guys die..."

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