Chapter 1 [updated]

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[ you ]

8:30/4:00 PM, the time of your favourite tv program.

You sat on your bed with your phone lying by your side. It was just a few more minutes before your favourite show came on, and you anxiously waited as every second passed before the show started. The door of your room creaked open and your mom stepped in.

"Y/N." She called, leaning against the doorway tiredly.

"Yes, mother?" You sneered, your mom was very nice herself and was usually very preppy and excited, but this time she seemed serious and the atmosphere dropped to a serious one as you caught a glance of her expression and a pamphlet in her hand.

"I've decided that you need some fresh air, so I'm sending you to live with an old friend of mine." She quickly tells you, holding out the pamphlet for you to take. Your eyes grow wide in confusion, staring at the brightly colored -but covered in dust- piece of paper.

"What?! But I'll miss my TV!" You shrieked, getting up from your bed and away from the paper and caressing your tv lovingly, it was strange, but hey, don't knock until you try it.

"Hun, you have to go, your bus will arrive around five AM tomorrow, here are your tickets." She says handing them to you forcefully, leaving you alone in your room right after. You huffed hastily, reading over the ticket.

"Don't worry (TVs name) I won't let you go." You coo and continue petting it.

"(Y/N) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BRING THE TV!" As if like she could see what you were doing, you mother yelled from downstairs.

"Watch me, Mom!" You yelled back, followed by a sigh as you were responded with silence. Standing up, you made your way to the swivel chair in front of your computer, looking at the ticket, you inputted the name of the town in the search tab and clicked on the first result shown.

"Ok, Gravity falls, a town of Mystery, founded by Nathaniel Northwest, blah blah blah," You read the first few information in the paragraph, the article seemed like it was written by some homicidal kid, it didn't have any explicit advertising like, 'Oh! Gravity Falls is a great family- friendly place!' None of that bullshit.

It seemed like whoever had written this article was trying to warn you, but you pursued deeper into the post despite suspicions. At the end, there was a link to a video and the thumbnail was posted alongside it.

With a shrug, you clicked on the link and it lead you to YouTube. It takes a bit to load, but it eventually does and the first thing shown is a fair skinned boy, he wore a teal and white colored hat with a pine tree up front, he looked skinny and seemed about the age of twelve to thirteen.

"Welcome to Dipper's guide to the unexplained, today's anomaly: the tooth." He says, trying to fake a serious tone but how far can you get when your voice cracks at least three times in one sentence.

"I'm here for scale!" A female voice says from afar as the camera is tilted to show a girl looking very similar to the boy, she was using a twig to poke the

"I found it here yesterday when I was, uh, practicing." He says, pausing as if he didn't wanna say it, but the video still cut to a ten second clip of him playing the tuba.

Soon after, it goes back to him, pointing the camera at the tooth, looking closer you could see scratches and dents, moss growing out and in between the cracks.

"It's surprisingly human but way too big for any lake monster I've seen."
Dipper comments, he seemed so confused while he observing the tooth.

Finishing up that video, you quickly discover that Dipper had posted more and more of these videos containing strange and unnatural creatures, it only took about three to five more videos until you were finally convinced that this place wasn't exactly normal.

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