Chapter 26

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"Bill..." You started, he hummed. "I just realized... Did you just kiss me?!" You snapped.

Bill gasped and fell back, "Well, yeah! Based on my research, kissing or any contact between a male and a female human will heat up the body or the face. If I hadn't kissed you, your energy would've been drained." He explained.

"Well that was extremely awkward!!" You huffed, waving your hands at him. "Oh... Now I can give you a slap on the face." You pulled him up and lightly slapped his cheek.

"Ow..." He said, for the comedic timing of it.

"Alright, let's head back, We should check on Will."

Time skip

You waited in the room, watching over Will. It was silent, for everyone else. But to you, you could still hear the cries of the demons your killed. Mabel was sleeping in her bed, Dipper was downstairs with Bill, having a little talk.

Will... Please wake up...

The door creaked open, Bill stepped in holding a plate of (Fav. food). You haven't eaten in a while, about three days. You smiled weakly.

Bill smiled back and walked to your side, "Hey..." He whispered, "Don't worry about Will, he'll be fine... Just don't give up on him, he can still hear you." He whispered, you could see his eye getting watery.

"Bill..." You wiped away a tear that was sitting in his eye, "What's wrong...?"

"My brother could be dead...! I should've taken the hit! He doesn't deserve to die!" He whimpered, pulling you into a hug, warm tears running down his face.

Bill was a complicated being, his emotions may falter the way he appeared and what he can do, like now, his tears are warm and harmless, since he's calm and sad, but earlier, his tears were like acid, due to the fact he was outrageous.

"I miss my brother..."

"He always so hard working, having to do the Gleeful Twins' bidding day and night, while I always slacked around, only doing things when I was summoned or wanted to." He whispered, not wanting to wake up Mabel.

"Bill, I miss Will too, but please..." You paused and tightened your hug, "Stay (determined, jk, too much Undertale for this book) strong, I'm sure he'll be back."

"Heh, see what you did...! You were telling me not to worry! Now I'm telling you not to worry!" You laughed softly, pressing your fore head against Bill's, he chuckled back.

The lamp in the room was suddenly turned on and Mabel started squealing. "OH MY GOD!! BILL AND Y/N SITTING IN A TREE!! K-I-"

"L-L-I-N-G!" Bill sang.

You laughed at Mabel's reaction, as it was incredibly hilarious.

Time skip: Morning


"Wake up, come on... It's morning..."

That voice...

You jumped up and ended up banging your head against someone who was bending over you. "Owie..." You whimpered, slowly opening your eyes.

"Will!!" You tackled the humanized demon who was standing in front of you. "Oh you're awake!! Oh!! Oh!" You quickly punched his shoulder, "You scared me!! I thought you were dead!!"



Bill's POV

Y/N alarmed me that Will was awake, I quickly got up and scanned for my brother's life force. Something shocked me, it scared me so much, I froze.

I checked for his power levels... They... They had dropped to a regular human's power level, which is very low. I teleported upstairs and saw Y/N helping Will get up.


"Bill!!" Will smiled.

I wanted to smile back, but I couldn't help but be worried. I ran to him and checked his pulse. A demon's pulse is supposed to be fast with all the energy we have stored... But his was slow, just like a human's.

I knew what this meant.

His powers are gone



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