Chapter 10 [updated]

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[ you ]

"We're going to the Gobblewonker scale first, right?"

"Yep!" Bill makes sure to pop the 'p' at the end. "It'll be quick."

"You're really quick to make assumptions like that." Tad scoffs, "Do you really have that much confidence in yourself?"

Bill and Tad proceed to engage into a verbal war, tossing insults and calling each other names for the rest of the walk. You had to float by Dipper and ask him where they were headed, he helpfully informed you that the group was on the path to the
Gravity Falls Lake.

The lake was quiet, save for the occasional beaver noises or the sound of water shifting accordingly to the tide movements. There were no people, Bill took this as the perfect opportunity to steal a boat.

"Is this a good idea?" Dipper tried to speak out, only to be ignored by Bill. The yellow demon was using his finger to saw through the metal chains that tied the boat to the dock. Once he broke through, he leapt onto the boat with ease and began shuffling around for the steering wheel.

"My brother? Having good ideas? Not likely." Tad rolls his eye with a huff.

You let out another snort, earning a smile from Mabel.

"I like your laugh." She says, you cover your mouth shyly.

"Found it!" Bill exclaims, bolting out of a door. "Pop Tart! Get up here."

"Why?" Tad narrows his eye in annoyance.

"Because everyone else in this group is useless and you know how to subdue large aquatic creatures, come on!" Bill demands, stomping a foot impatiently while he slides back into the room he came from.

"For a fact, I do not know how to do that." Tad seethes, moving to climb up onto the boat, giving you a dull wave before he disappeared through the door. The engines of the boat purred to life, Bill popped out of the door again.

"My brother and I will get the scale! Stay here."

And with that, the boat is speeding off even before Bill is back inside, leaving his body flailing around.

"Hey Y/N?"

"Yeah?" You turned around, Dipper was walking up to you.

"Did you know I've been in the mindscape too?"

"Really?" You say, surprised by his statement.

"Yeah," Dipper nods knowingly, "Bill coaxed me into a deal and stole my body."

"Oh shit, that's badass."

Dipper made a contorted expression, "I mean, yeah okay."


Roughly an hour into waiting on the island, Will was drifting around the shoreline, Dipper had attempted to take some notes down, but got bored and was currently taking a nap. You and Mabel were immersed in a game of tic-tac-toe.

"Can I be X?"

You stared at the makeshift board written into the soggy sand, your finger had just finished digging through to write down an X as the first move. "Wha— but I already—?"

"No point in arguing." Dipper points out, he had been sitting a few inches away with his legs crossed. You release a long sigh, brushing over the X and rewriting it as O.

"Hhh... you're gonna hate me but, can I be O?"

"Wh—What?" You sputter, then shake your head, "You know what? This is getting nowhere. Will, get over here and keep Mabel entertained!"

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