Chapter 3 [updated]

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[ C i p h e r ]

Wow! Great, fantastic, wonderful, how splendid.

Y/N just let him into the house! Life is great, guys!

She let that obnoxious, arrogant, loud-mouthed bother-

I'm getting ahead of myself, but fuck you Tad. I'm still mad at you for finishing my Cheerio-s when we were kids.

Immediately, I get up from my casual position, the twins back off, realizing that this wasn't going to be an easy fight. "Why are you here?" I hissed angrily.

"Aw, little Bill is still angry about his Cheerio-s?" Tad teased, making a pitiful hand motion. That god damn bitch, I will strangle him.

"Shut up, Tad! You know that's not the reason! Now tell me!" I demanded, raising my hands threateningly, Tad laughed and backed off a bit.

"Why? Can't a brother visit his only other sibling, who decided to leave me all alone for his own selfish plans?" Tad stepped forward, tiny sparks trailing his feet in anger.

Without a response, I was left with nothing but to growl, making Tad sneer.

"That's what I thought."

Tad pranced around the room curiously, purposely knocking down things simply because he was bored. He eventually stopped behind Y/N.

"Look at you, brother. Hanging out with mortals, how low you've fallen." He moved his hands quickly before I could react and scooped Y/N up, who was clearly taken aback but her shock was soon replaced by much anger.

[ you ]

Man I wonder when season 5 of  Voltron will come out...

You're very, very, intimate thoughts were rudely interrupted by someone lifting you in the air. Ah yes, mistakes were made by this boy. You were at the perfect angle where you could freely pull back your fist and collide it with his face, but you didn't.

"On the other hand, you seem pretty interesting."

"For fuck's sake- put her down, you idiot!" Bill demanded, grabbing a chair threateningly, if this was an anime, you could clearly see a sweat drop on your cheek right now.

"Tsk, tsk. When will you learn." Tad curled his fingers around in your hair and smiled, "I'll put you down, if and only if you agree to a bet with me."

"What are the stakes?" You asked, crossing your arms and trying to keep your cool. He had strangely sharp nails, and you could feel them lightly trickling down your spine.

"Well, what else? You let me stay with you for the summer, for a little research, or I kill you." His tone suddenly became enthusiastic, his eyes shining brightly. "Right here, right now."

"Sweet Jesus, okay um-" You moved back nervously, glancing at the others for help, but no one bothered to move. "I... agree to the terms?"

"Wonderful, I'll be right back!" The French accent he had possessed earlier had come back, before he suddenly vanished in a flame and dropping you face flat onto the floor. Ah yes, the pain. Your neck felt like snapping under your weight bending forward, luckily it didn't and you found yourself laying on the ground.


You felt Dipper help you up from the floor, he walked you to the bathroom and turned on the sink so you could wash away the blood from the scrape on your nose. Dipper bent down and opened a cabinet under the sink, "Ooh, check it out, Y/N. We still have the glow in the dark bandages that Mabel smuggled from that thrifty convince store." He showed you a box, his words make you chuckle.

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