Chapter 16 [Part 2]

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Bill: Hello, Readers!! Bill here!! Alex left me with a warning for this chapter, She wanted me to tell you guys that some scenes in the chapter may be quite... inapropriate! But still!! Haha!! Who cares?!

Will: Bill!! Stop that!!

Bill: Nope!! YOLO BITCHES!!

Will: -_-

Bill's POV

The skeleton fired his attack at me. I raised my forearm as a yellow triangle shaped shield formed, blocking the major attack.

"Huh, always wondered why people don't use their strongest attack first." He shrugged.

"Don't worry, brother. I will fight with you!" Strange slid beside me, raising up his own shield and sword, both purple.

"Us too, Bill!!" Pine tree and Shooting Star yelled, running to my side.

"Hehe, you two better step aside." Sans took control of the Pines twin's souls and threw them aside, trapping them in a cage.

"What?! Hey!! Let us out!!" Shooting star banged on the bars.

It was the perfect opportunity, I brought out an axe made of pure gold, I casted a spell on it to make it like diamond, harder, stronger. I ran for him and swung my blade at him. He only took one glance at me then vanished.

". . . What?!" I snapped at the open air where he once was.

I felt something hard pound against my back, I turned around and saw Sans jump against my back, forcing my towards the ground.

I slammed against the hard dirt, I ended up leaving a deep crater.

I glanced at Sans, right before he fired several bones at me. Some of them pierced my hands and legs, the pain wasn't... that hilarious. But, still... it was funny. I ripped the bones out, my cold blue blood following right after. I could feel the cold liquid just flowing out of my arm.

"Ha!!" I laughed. "This battle is gonna take a while!! I'm immortal!! It's gonna take more than that!!" I boasted.

"Hehe, I knew you'd say that." He chuckled, teleporting a side. One of his... "Blasters" fired at me.

It was too quick, I had no time to react and defend myself. My body was burning... literally, it's was on fire.

I stared at my burning hand and questioned myself, "Can we even beat this guys...?"

"Yo!! Cipher!! Get your head out of the clouds and focus on the battle!!" Tad barked at me, attempting to attack Sans, but like me, missed.

I shook my head and bolted towards Him, yelling enough for the entirr forest to hear.

Your POV

"No- No- NOOOOO!!" You wailed, covering your eyes and falling backwards at the sight, "This can't be happening!!"

"Y/N. It was just a game." Frisk chuckled, removing your hands fron your face.

You stared at them with an agitated look, lying down on the floor. "It's just a game for you. But I've never lost a game in (Fav. Game)!!" You exclaimed.

"HUMAN!! AND OTHER HUMAN!!" Papyrus burst into the room. "HAVE EITHER OF YOU SEEN MY DEAR BROTHER?!" He yelled.

"Nope." You sighed.

Frisk shook their head.

"OH. OKAY." He left the room, disappointed.

"Where IS Sans?" You asked Frisk.

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