Chapter 6 [updated]

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- c i p h e r -

"Please don't tell me you guys were about to kiss."

"Ever heard about knocking?" Tad hisses, you could see a light tint of pink on his cheeks. How disappointing.

"Yeah, but I don't use it when I see three guys sneak into a closet for a possible make-out session."

"Repulsive." Tad growls, rolling his eyes.

"You're repulsive." Y/N retorts hastily.

"Hey, okay sorry to break it up but," Dipper snaps his fingers to get everyone's attention, both Tad and Bill scoff angrily. Dipper gulped before speaking, "Bill just told us about your... situation."


"And we might be able to fix it."


Tad clears his throat, effectively telling everyone to turn to him, "Only thing is, we're going to have to travel through worlds to start the process."

- you -

Is it counted as incest if they don't acknowledge each other as brothers anymore

Wait, no. Your focus should be somewhere else, god dammit—

"Another world?" Your voice cracked slightly as you asked the question.

"It's commonly known as Reverse Falls."

"Ooh, Reverse Falls, is it?"

"Indeed, it isn't too difficult to travel there, but I'm not too fond of that place." Tad responded, locking eye contact with you. The stingy purple glow from his eyes made the hairs on your back stand up, you averted your eyes.

"We'll only go if you think it's worth it, Y/N." Dipper announced, hoping to ease your worried state.

You could feel everyone glaring down at you, though you knew they weren't mad or anything, it was just a very unnerving feeling. Taking into consideration that traveling to that other world is like the only option that could save your ass right now;

Your lips curl into a smile.

"Let's do this."


"I took a few minutes to go through the journal to find something." Dipper entered the attic room with a few candles in his hand, "It said that if we use these candles and a simple spell, then we'll be able to tear a hole through the dimensional field just long enough for us to pass."

Dipper shoved the candles into Bill's arms, the demon flared at Dipper before spreading out the candles into a circle. Like any satanic ritual.

Mabel snatched the journal from Dipper's hands, you could see her eyes rotate from side to side to read the page thoroughly, "I have no idea what any of this means but it looks cool."

You snorted softly in response, Mabel smiled.

Dipper grabbed the journal back and cleared his throat, "When everyone's ready, I'll read out the spell then we gotta hurry through the portal. There's an approximate 60 second window for us to get through."

This is literally the best opportunity for you to Naruto run through a portal

Damn and here you were thinking that item on your bucket list was never gonna get crossed out. Dreams do come true.

"Ready." Tad reported to Dipper.

He read the spell aloud, it sounded confusing as absolute shit but once he finished, the room went dark, the candles lost their flames and a portal swished open. You waited for no one and immediately took the opportunity to swing your arms behind you and sonic thought the portal.

You turned back, Bill swaggered through, quickly followed by Mabel. Dipper seemed incredibly hesitant to go through the portal, he shakily reached forward to push his hand through but was shoved face first through the portal by Tad.

"It's either you move fast or you don't move at all." Tad growled, he was the last to leave the portal and shut closed right after the purple demon stepped through. Perfect timing.

Subconsciously, you lifted your right hand and brushed it against your arm to just feel the skin that should be there, and much to your surprise it was. You squeezed your arm in confirmation, earning a strange glance from Bill.

"Are you... okay?"

"Oh yeah, yeah." You replied way too quickly, "It's just... my arm is very squish."

Bill reached forward and squished your arm, eyes widening and his mouth cupping into an 'o' in surprise. "Whoa."

"Mhm yeah, feel that completely authentic squishy skin."

"Hi yes, so we're here for a reason, just in case you imbeciles forgot." Tad growled, looking very displeased at your interaction with his brother.

"Oh yes, okay." Bill removed his hand from your arm and cleared his throat, "That-a-way, mortals!" He spun you around to face Southwards. "To the Tent Of Mystery!"


Oof my back hurts and for some reason I couldn't type this chapter properly smh

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