Chapter 11 [updated]

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[ dipper ]


Bill hums, the vibrations in his chest spread to my back. I tried to arch as far away as possible from the demon-turned-human but with the grip he had around my scrawny neck, it was a pathetic attempt.

"What's wrong, Pine Tree?" Bill chirps, loosening the hand he had around my neck. My own hand shoots up to try to pry the demon's hand from my neck, but that only make him re-secure the limb. "Uh, uh. Wouldn't wanna make any noises now? Otherwise I'd have to kill you."

I could feel a drop of sweat trickle down my cheek, Bill wipes it away with his thumb. "C'mon, I just wanna talk. Like two friends meeting up again."

I can't die here, not yet.

Slowly, I let my arms fall back into place against my sides and Bill smiles. "Good choice." He says, obviously pleased. "I've got a plan."

He did not give me a chance to respond, he continued, "I hate my brother. I don't know if you've noticed that? You probably did, you're a smart one, aren't 'cha?"

"Ge—get to the point."

Bill's eyes rise up in amusement, "Ooh, you've got some guts, silver tongue."

I didn't fully understand what he meant by that, I couldn't tell if it was meant to be a compliment or an insult. Silver tongues— from what I've heard— are people that use their words to trick people, they can be very persuasive. They usually played some very interesting antagonists in stories.

"I want to get rid of him."

My eyebrow quirks up, prompting the demon to continue— okay, look, it wasn't like I had a choice to not listen to him.

"It's impossible that Tad managed to get into the physical world on his own. He was either sent by him or some imbecile meat sack summoned him here."

Who is him?

"So I'm going to need your help, there's this... ridiculous rule that us demons have to follow." Bill's voice is laced with rage, he did not leave any room for misinterpretations. "If a demon is brought here by a mortal, then they can be sent away by another."

"So you're... asking me for help?"


There's silence, and a lot of doubt from me.

"Listen, Pine Tree. Tad is ridiculously strong, if he wants to stick around with this group, that means he wants something." Bill grinds his teeth, his nails digging into the flesh of my neck. "I'm guessing it has something to do with Y/N. If you want to keep her safe and alive, then I recommend that you cooperate."

There are too many factors

You know how people normally have a train of thoughts in their head? Yeah, right now I have four tracks with seven trains narrowly missing each other and all the conductors are screaming.

Bill could be lying, he could be cheating. What if he wanted to take whatever Y/N had for himself? I can't trust him. I can't trust anyone.

"Stop that." Bill growls, "All your mental mumbling is making me dizzy."

I didn't bother to apologize.

"Do you want to keep her safe or not?"

Hesitantly, I submit: "Fine."


The hand around my neck is gone, and another one is pressed against my lower back. "You really are so smart, Pine Tree. I'm sure we'll get along nicely."

"I doubt it."

[ you ]

"Shit, where did the rope go—"

"Wait, what?" Will perks his head up from digging around in the boat, "Did you drop it in the water?!"

"I wasn't even holding it in the first place!" You argue in return. Will told you to watch the rope and make sure it didn't drift onto the water while he checked for any damages the boat could have so he could deem it safe or not.

Well, you couldn't exactly grasp it once it began floating away so

Will inhales sharply, "Okay, just... check on Dipper and Bill for me? I'll look for the rope." He rolls up his white sleeves to his biceps and does the same for his pants. He waits for you to float back into the forest, then proceeds to walk into the water afterwards.

You drift into the forest, just in time to cross paths with Dipper and Bill. Strangely enough, Bill had an arm behind Dipper, the expression the young boy had made it seem as if Bill had him at the end of a gun. He had his lips closed in a straight line, there was sweat on his forest and he visibly relaxed when he spotted you.

"Y/N." Dipper croaks out, but he's quickly shushed by Bill.

"Ah! There you are, I'm assuming you and the others are alright since you have time to check up on me?"

"Okay one, yeah, everyone's okay. Two, I was checking on Dipper—" You point a translucent finger towards the demon. "—Because you, are supposed to be unconscious."

"It was my concern for you that pulled me out of unconsciousness!" Bill exclaims proudly. You rolled your eyes excessively.

You can see Dipper hesitate, but then he takes a step forward and Bill's hand twitches to grab him, but he stops. Dipper takes a few more steps until he's next to you, it was only then that his shoulders relax and he lets out a breath.

"You alright?" You ask, carefully running your eyes up and down.

"Fine." Dipper mumbles, "Lets just... get back to the boat."

You never really noticed it before, but you saw that Dipper's right eye looked a lot like Bill's. Assuming it was from the contact lenses that the demon gave the mortal, you shrugged it off as a pretty interesting side product.

Once you return to the shore, Will is back on land with the ropes around his shoulder. His hair is dripping wet and he's shaking off the water that his clothes had soaked up.

"Ey! You found it!" You cheer, clapping your hands in approval.

"Yeah, it didn't get too far." Will lets out a dry laugh, he grips a clump of his hair and squeezes the water out of it. "Well, since we got the scale. I think we're done here."

Dipper nods, "We should get going before the gobblewonker gets back."


The boat ride back to the mainland was uneventful, thankfully. Bill and Will tag team to pull the boat ashore. Your ghastly form floats out of the wooden craft, but you could see Bill take Dipper by the shoulder for a split second through your peripherals.

"You're back!" Mabel gasps, it seemed she was in the middle of explaining the situation to Tad, who had also woken up. "I was getting kinda worried."

Tad approaches you and offers a dry smile, "I'm glad you're okay."

"You too." You respond. Bill clears his throat.

"Alright, what's up next?" Bill taps his thumb against his lower lip, then perks, "Oh, right! The blood samples!"

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