Chapter 15 [Part 1] ☆BONUS☆ (WILLWILLWILL)

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Your POV

"Y/N!" Mabel called to you, throwing the volley ball at you. You jumped up and threw it towards Bill, "Catch!!"

Bill had no problem with it, he got on his hands and did a perfect sideways kick, which made the ball head straight for Tad, not being aware of what was happening, he was hit directly on his cheek.

Dipper was underneath a tree next to Will. While the Pines twin was sleeping, the demon was writing in his own little mote book.

"Whoa. Would you look at that." Will suddenly says.

"What is it?" You asked, taking your eyes off Tad trying to kill Bill.

"We're a day early." He shuts his note book closed, snapping his fingers, making it vanish in a light blue flame.

"So that means?" You asked.

"We can take a day off. We can just relax." He explains.

You gasped and threw your hands in the air. "YAS!!" You yelled happily.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!! Come on!!" You yelled and flew into the forest, flying through each off the trees. Until you stopped at an opening, it was perfect.

The others were chasing behind you, Bill had enough skill to fly really fast and dodge each tree, without bumping into them. And the only time he messed up was when he flew right past you and rammed into a tree.

"Ooh... are you alright Bill?" You asked, floating upside down above him, your transparent hair falling down.

"Ow..." He groaned, trying to get up.

"Hey." You put a hand out for him. "Let me help." You pulled him upwards.

"Hehe. Thanks Y/N." Bill blushed awkwardley.

Bill has said that pain was hilarious, but so far... he's been having a hard time dealing with pain.

"Okay everyone!! Lets have some fun today!! Meet back here at 5:00!!"!" You pointed at the ground, then punching it with your gloved hand, leaving a crater in the spot.

"Cool!! Being in the mindscape gives me super strength!!" You exclaimed.

"A-actually Y/N." Will whispered. "It's the glove I gave you." He said.

"Aw!" You hugged him. "Thanks Will!"

"Okay. Since I don't trust any of you. I'll be putting us in groups." Tad says, being noticed for once.

"Will and Y/N, Dipper and Bill, Me and Mabel. Okay?" Tad said, grabbing Mabel by the wrist.

"Oh-ho-ho. Back it up, Cereal Box." Mabel blushed, looking away from Tad.

"Aw... so kawaii!! Tadable for the win!!" You squealed.

"Wa-wa-wait." Bill and Dipper spoke in unison. "I'M WITH HIM!!" They pointed at each other.

"Well, yeah. I always have to deal with you two." You rolled your eyes. "It's time for my break, take care of each other." You hugged Will's arm.

"Ugh." Both of them spat. "Fine."

"Yay!!" You jumped up happily. "Will! To reverse falls!!" You commanded. He nodded weakley and opened up a portal. "Billdip."  You grinned and leaped through the portal.

"HEY!!" The two reached for you but the portal shut closed.

"Okay. Will." You clapped your hands together, knowing that you were in your physical form. "What can we do here in Reverse falls?"

"Well... we can go and visit the Telepathy Shack, or go on a Mystery hunt. But there's this mountain peak that's really beautiful, especially at noon." He tapped his chin.

"Well... It's only 11, so lets go check out the Shack." You pointed with your thumb backwards.

"O-okay. This way." He walked ahead of you, you quickly strolled behind him. "So... how is it here in Reverse falls?"

"It's fine... I guess." He whispered.

You grabbed his wrists and turned his face to yours. "That's not a very good answer, Will."

Will whimpered, his face super red. He wasn't doing anything to pull away. All he did was whisper. "I"m sorry."

You sighed and removed your hand. "It's alright. Come on."


"This is it." Will pointed at a wooden shack with blue letters spelling "Telepathy Shack"

"Remember the two kids you met? Pacifica and Gideon?" Will asked you. You nodded as a reply.

Will walked in first and you followed behind. Two kids were sitting on the counter, the blonde girl looked up then shook the boy.

"What now?" The boy, Gideon if you remember correctly, scowled as he turned to your direction.

"Will!!" Pacifica squealed and tackled Will.

"Y/N!!" Gideon hugged you. (EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW)

"Will... help... me..." You whispered, trying to squirm out of Gideon's hug.

"Gideon... will you please let go of Y/N?" Will spoke sternly.

"Oh. Okay." Gideon said awkwardley and let you go. You ran behind Will.

"Will!! Where have you been?" Pacifica asked. "We went to the Tent of Mystery but you were never there!" She added.

"That's because I was with Y/N and my brother." Will says.

"Wa-wa-wait... I THOUGHT YOU WERE BILL'S ALTERNATE VERSION!!!" You took out a paper from your backpack. "AUTHOR-CHAN!! THIS WASN'T IN THE SCRIPT!!"

"I am his alternate version. But I'm still his brother."

You took your phone out and went on tumblr. "What kind of sick alternate universe is this?!" You frantically searched your phone.

Will's blue hand stopped you from searching. "Y/N. Just stop. Please."

"... Okay." You sighed. At the moment your phone buzzed. "Oh!! Taylor's still alive!" You exclaimed and opened the app to play.

Will's POV

"Humans have such intresting ways to waste their time." I thought to myself.

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