Chapter 5 [updated]

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- you -

God damn eels.

The slithering, disgusting sight of hundreds of eels clumped together in a giant, mucky lake, harvested to be swallowed and killed within living beings was stuck on your mind as Bill brought you up the stairs to another room while everyone else were trying to reboot their minds.

Reality came crashing back onto you as ?Bill locked the door close. The room he brought you too was... nice. It was simple and nicely lit, a single bed covered in very soft looking sheets. There was a large closet etched into the wall, a table on the side and a few squishy looking chairs surrounding the table.

"Is there like... a reason why you brought me up here?"

Bill only grinned and took off his shit swiftly, pale scars littered his back, they stood up brightly against his lightly tanned skin. He wasn't bulging with muscles or anything, he had a slim body and a very defined stomach.

Why you're talking about this is unknown.

Moving on.

"Whoa-ho, bitch if you think for one second you can—"

"I'm just changing clothes, mortal germs have covered my other shirt, it's disgusting." Bill smiled, "Choose a shirt for me, will you?"

The closet opened and you were greeted a wide variety of shirts, most were yellow, gold, white or black. You picked out one that looked nice, it was black with gold cuffs on the edge of the sleeves and the collar.

"Wonderful choice." Bill swiped the shirt from you and pulled it over his head, and just like that, it was done. No more, awkward tension. Just two very different beings standing alone in a room.

Bill flicked his wrist back and forth to get comfortable with his new, stiff and golden cuffs on his wrists. "Well, since it appears everyone downstairs is too terrified to move for another hour, why don't we go run away and take a break?"

"Why the hell not." You roll your shoulders into a shrug, Bill makes a loud snapping noise with his fingers and another one of his portals come to life. He allows you to go through first. Cautiously, you shoved your hands through the plasma-like field that coated the portal. Breaking the field, your hands reached the other side and very, very slowly, you realized that your hands were practically transparent.

"Holy hecking shit."


You didn't want to set any false alarms, so you pulled your hands back towards you. They returned to normal, then pushed it through the portal again, transparent.

"Holy hecking shit."

"Y/N, some context would be very helpful." Bill wandered to your side, you made him watch you pulled back your hands from the portal and both of you watched the transparent skin fade back into the normal, human flesh color.

"Oho, it appears the mindscape has taken quite the liking to you." Bill bites his lower lip in interest.

Confusion spread over your face, very evidently, "I'm sorry, what?"

"Did you really think the mindscape is just a space? A place?" Bill faced you directly, "The mindscape is a people, it chooses demons and possibly mortals to detain into its place, it never lets them leave."

"Holy hecking shit."

"Will you stop saying that—"

From the other side of the portal, you heard an obvious ringing from the telephone of the shack. You took a breath and stuck yourself through the portal, your head felt light and everything went slightly blurry, but eventually came back to focus and holy h e c k i n g shit.

It took a moment, but the realization dawned upon you like a repulsor blast from Iron Man going through your skull. You were flying.

More of levitating, but whatever.

"Oh sweet nice, your physical form is trapped in the mindscape."

Okay one, this was still too cool to comprehend. Two,

"Bill that is not, nice."

Stan came from upstairs begrudgingly to answer the phone, he held the receiving end to his ear and mumbled a simple greeting.

"Oh, morning. Oh yeah, Y/N's doing great. She's helping out with the shack and my grand nephews are definitely not murdering her." Ah, he must be talking to your mom.

Surprisingly, he sounded convincing but what he was saying was just so... confusing. Must be one of the perks of being a successful conman.

"Ah, a visit on Saturday? Sounds promising."

Well shit

You nyoom-ed back through the portal with Bill following close behind. He shit the portal and you fell to your feet. Balancing yourself, a loud wheeze escaped your lips.

"This is literally the worst possible scenario I could ever be in. It's ridiculous." You took a deep breath to calm down, but just wheezed even stronger with more worry.

And at that moment, the door flew open followed by a loud explosion that completely ruined the doorway. Standing through the smoke was Dipper observing the damage he caused.

"oH, what the hell?! I just revised that!" Bill growled.

Dipper rolled his eyes, "It's not like you can't replace it."

"Why would you even blow up my wall?!" Bill let out an exasperated breath.

"Don't blame this on me, it was all Mabel." Dipper raised his hands defensively, "She wanted to see how much damage She could cause before getting caught."

Bill inhales sharply frustratedly, before marching out of the room and grabbing Dipper by his navy blue vest down the hall.

"I should... probably fix this—"

- c i p h e r -

Pine Tree put up quite a struggle while I dragged him through the halls, eventually it got annoying and I hoisted him up and onto my shoulder just to make him stop squirming.

"Stop moving you mewling quim!" I let out the order like a bark. That god damn meatsack didn't stop.

Entering the kitchen, I snatched up Tad and dragged the two of them to a closet. Totally not suspicious, at all. I sealed the door closed and turned to the two of them, after throwing Pine Tree onto the floor.

"What the hell, Cipher?" Tad growled, he had a hand behind his back, probably trying to summon up a knife to stab me again. Ugh.

Just so we're all on the same page, I say, very, very intensely, "It's Y/N."

"What have you done—?" Tad inquired, he pulled out the knife this time, Pine Tree backed up to avoid getting caught in the fight.

"I did no such thing. It's the mindscape."

It didn't take an idiot to tell that Tad was uninterested in the topic, his eyes just showed boredom, but he spoke with a fake concern. "We have to help her then."

"Well, duh."

Tad scoffs, "Well then we're going to need to recruit one more demon willing to help us." And it was like before, Tad and I standing across from each other, our minds racing to beat each other.

"We have no time for this." Tad finally says.

"Agreed." Our eye contact breaks, I crack my knuckles and speak again. "There is one more demon, but he resonates from another dimension."

"Oh, I see where this is going."


*loki voice* "yOU MEWLING QUIM—"

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