Chapter 4 [updated]

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- you -

"The Conjuring!" Bill suggested, you raised an eyebrow, wondering if he even knew what that movie was. Dipper seemed hesitant to agree but Mabel was already searching for the disc.

"Nonono." You quickly get up from the couch and stand in front of the TV boldly. "You guys clearly don't know what good content is." You reached into your jacket, which just so magically contains a very, very special movie. You whipped out the disc, showing it off to everyone. "Lets watch Deadpool!"

"Isn't... isn't that rated PG-18?" Dipper asked worriedly, you grinned and nodded.

"That's why it's so cool!"

"Um, okay no. How about we just watch something family friendly and safe?" He suggests, hoping you'll accept his request.

"If you're suggesting Spider-Man: Homecoming then sure."

"Spider-Man sounds ridiculous." Tad sneered.

"Pardon you! Spider-Man is the sole reason I breathe—"

"That is false." Tad pointed out, crossing his arms. Man, is that guy ever gonna be a good mood? I mean, if he was willing to stab Bill multiple times with little to no hesitation, then it's understandable that Tad clearly doesn't like his brother.

"Boo, we don't have Spider-Man here and since Dipper," Mabel pauses and clears her throat exaggeratedly, "Doesn't wanna Watch Deadpool, we're kind out of options."

"I've purchased a fair amount of movie discs from Earth, we may be able to find something to entertain us back in my house." Bill seemed unsure to use the word house, like he could've gone for something like 'chamber' or 'palace' or something.

"I thought you didn't have a place?" You raised an eyebrow.

"Oh no, that's here in the physical world, my status in the mindscape is much, much more worthy of bragging." Bill snaps his fingers and a portal swishes open, revealing a blank world on the other side.

"And That is why is ego is so much bigger than it should be." Tad commented, he went through the portal first, you and to stop Bill from closing the portal while Tad passed through, or the twins would have to deal with a disembodied leg on their carpet. Bill snarled, he widened the portal again and let the twins pass.

"Ladies first." Bill bows his head slightly, you could see him grin though.

"Wow, what a gentleman." You flaunted your hand sarcastically, sticking your leg through the portal to feel for solid ground. A pedestal rose up from the ground and served as a leverage to help you reach the actual floor.

"I only live to serve." Bill stands up straight and helps you through the portal, closing it once he got through it himself.

You had almost no expectations, and those were completely blown away once you laid your eyes on the absolutely ginormous sized mansion looming over you. There were huge window panes littering the front wall, a lot of abstract looking triangles decorating the walls and such.

"Holy fucking shit."

"Impressive? I know." Bill floated off the ground and held your hands, drifting you over to the doors of the house. The twins and Tad were waiting patiently outside for Bill to give the word that they could enter. Specifically, Tad.

"A demon can not enter another demon's household unless they want to wither under the wrath of the trial." Bill explained, showing that he read your mind again.

Bill made a hand movement and the large doors flew open. Mabel immediately ran inside to explore and Dipper was forced to chase after his sister. Tad glanced up at you and Bill landing onto the floor before walking inside and leaving you two alone.

You walked around and found Mabel demon crawling all over the room in excitement, Dipper just spectating and making sure his sister didn't knock anything over. Tad came from another room and summoned up a comfy recliner and took refuge in it.

"Now." Bill snapped his fingers and exactly ten boxes filled with movie discs formed out of thin air, "Feel free to look through it, the first movie we all agree on will be it."

You jumbled through one of the boxes, you found an interesting looking movie. It was new, maybe two years old? It had an interesting picture pasted onto he disc and the title caught your attention.

"How about this one?"

Bill snapped his head to you and raised up the disc, he hummed in approval and plugged it into the tv. Snapping his fingers again, the other boxes disappeared and a bunch of bean bags were summoned.

"Hell Yeah."


The movie pulled to an end, the ominous music playing from the start still echoed in your ears from the complete trauma of it.

"That was nice." Mabel smiles.

"And that will be 36 million dollars for mental collateral damage." Dipper winced, he strained himself not to cry and throw up from the absolutely grotesque and scarring scenes from the movie.

"Holy shit." Tad muttered, even he looked shook by the movie.

"Why did I think this was a good idea—"

Ah yes, it was only one of the most traumatic movies you've ever laid your eyes on.

A cure for Wellness


Y'all istg a cure for wellness was so hecking?? It was a really impressive movie but very traumatic, ten out of ten visual effects lmao

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