Chapter 23

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Mabel looked away, not wanting to see what the gun would do to Bill. Dipper watched, shock and fear plastered onto his face. You shut your eyes, hearing the beam hit Bill with a strange echoing sound. You turned to the ground, holding your cheeks, holding back tears, you didn't want to look up. You didn't want to see if Bill was dead.

But something got the best of you and you looked up, gasping at what you saw. The gun did attack someone... But it wasn't Bill who was down.

It was Will

You gasped and ran to the Cipher twins, hugging them both. Bill seemed to be frozen in shock and Will was...  Knocked out...

You didn't want to think that he was dead, he can't be dead... Right...?

"WHY?! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS?!" You snapped at Stan's brother, rage burning in your eyes. You looked down at Will, not expecting an answer from such a heartless man, all you could feel was hatred for the man, if Will was dead...

He's going to pay...? Right...?

You gasped, hearing a strange voice in your head, recognizing it right away as the ghost that slapped you and forced you to wake up.


But he hurt Will

Nothing will be achieved if we fight

Y/N, haven't you realized? In this world, it's kill or be killed. You have the power to destroy him right now, your hatred is bubbling, and it's like an external FLAME

Shut up


Alright, now you're just playing around

Yep, I'll go back to watching some SU, bai

And with that, your strange conversation with a voice in your head ended. You came back to reality, and immediately noticed The author aiming for Bill again, he was still frozen, which was bad.

You growled softly, "You're not going to hurt BOTH of them!" You snarled loudly, raising your hand, a green bubble forming around you.

For an extended amount of time, you just sat there with the two in your arms. You only moved when Bill seemed to recover from his shock, Will hadn't moved.

"Bill!" You exclaimed. Bill stared into your eyes and glanced over to Will, out of nowhere, tears began forming in his eyes, quickly falling down his cheeks, he tackled Will, pulling him into a tight hug.

"I'm sorry, brother!!" He cried loudly, other voices of different pitches echoed with his.

"B-Bill! What happened?!" You cried.

Bill turned to you with puffy eyes, "He saved me!! Just as it was about to hit me!! He came in and saved me!!" He cried even louder, the other voices over powering his. "I want him back!! I want my brother back!"

You bit your lip, feeling tears rising up.

Everyone just stared. Bill whimpered, "I could've healed him!! He was right there!!" He screamed, turning to you with glowing yellow eyes, his tears glowing a bright blue. You inched back, "Y/N you saw him too, right!!" He cried.

You blinked, everything going white for a second before returning to normal, you saw Bill leaning towards you, his tears staining your shoes like acid. You helped and quickly threw them off.

You leaned to the right, blinking again, the white staying longer, and from a far, you could make out a black figure, hiding behind black bars.

"I... I see him..." You whispered. "I think."

Yep, that's him.

The voice in your head randomly said.

"Drop your weapons, Ford!!" Stan shouted at his brother.

"They're demons, Stanley! We can't let our guard down!!"

You whimpered, Bill growled when Ford snapped his head towards you, pointing his gun directly at your head, against the bubble.

Bill gently left Will in your arms, pouncing at Ford' everything he wore was either red or black, his eyes glowing a pitch black with red slits as pupils. He snarled, a weird black substance dripping from his eyes.

"YOU ARE DEAD TO ME, SIXER. NO ONE... AND I MEAN NO ONE HURTS MY BROTHER AND LIVES AGAIN." Bill growled, showing off his razor sharp teeth.

This was scarier than any form Bill has taken... Did I forget to mention that he had six arms, all soaked in either blood or the weird black substance, protruding from his sides.

"Bill calm down!!" You yelped, gripping Will in your arms.


"Wh-what? Bill! You're not going to kill him, are to-"


You gulped and closed your hands, the bubble popped and Bill went straight for Ford.

I'm sorry

Using your powers, you tossed your hand towards Bill and a yellow rope grabbed his leg. "Bill..."

"Forgive me."


Be aware, I am just updating a lot because I haven't updated in a long time, also I'm just really inspired to write right now :3

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