Chapter 25

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Your POV

You let out a long sigh, staring into the distance. For the past twenty minutes, you had tried to convince Author Chan to tell you what was going on, but she refused and now she was completely silent.

"What am I supposed to do...?" You thought to yourself, crossing your legs. It was nice to be back in your physical form, and still maintain your powers, but two of the people who helped are unconscious. One could even be dead.

"Y/N!" A strangely familiar voice called your name. You thought for a second and recognized the voice immediately.


You turned around, spawning your favorite weapon in your hand.

"Strange!!! Show yourself!!" You yelled, pointing the weapon in front of you.

From the shadows, the demon that betrayed you walked into the daylight. "Hey, Y/N." He greeted awkwardly.

You glared at him, not letting your guard down. "What do you want? You ass blasting bitcheloid." You hissed.

Tad took a few steps towards you, showing off something different about him. His eyes weren't his lavender orbs, instead, they were a bright red that seemed to glow.

You attacked, he moved aside.

"Wow, you're really smarter than the other unknowns." He chuckled darkly, creeping back into the darkness.

It was silent for a few seconds. Out of nowhere, black tendrils shot at you. You yelled and jumped aside, then raised a shield. "What the heck?!"

A strange creature crawled out, it was extremely disturbing to your eyes.

(To Undertale fans: Just imagine some kind of... Red and Black Omega Flowey that has worms crawling out of his eyes and mouth. *smiles*)

You took a step back, the creature had enormous arms that was covered in dust and blood, you shuddered, staring at the creatures deformed face, four eyes, a single mouth, and red worms just... (Me: *vomits*) squirming around.
You were shocked, it was like nothing you've ever seen, you gagged, bracing yourself for any attack. "You're time is up, L/N!!" He roared, pitch black daggers were fired at you.

You raised your shield, the daggers phased through and one cut your cheek, it began to bleed and black veins began spreading out. You gasped and jumped to the side, the daggers followed you.

"Crap, crap, crap!" You yelled, touching the wound, gasping the moment it gave you a slight shock. "What the-" You gasped.

He sent smaller demons for you. You killed each of them with ease, but every time one cried out their last breath, you couldn't help but feel guilty.

Bring out your bow and arrows, you aimed several of them at the demon, white light surrounded the end of the arrows as you fired them. The pierced the demon's skin, but nothing deeper.

"Aw crap..." You sighed.

After a few minutes of you dodging more attacks (That I can't come up with), a yellow beam of light was fired at his side. You discovered it was Bill who did it, you ran behind him. "Y/N! Are you alright?" He whispered to you. The large demon circled both of you, raising black tendrils on his back.

"Not really..." You whimpered, rubbing your cheek.

"Ugh... I know what that it, you're way to cold, your face needs to heat up if you don't want it to spread." He explained, "Do you trust me...?"

You nodded, "But why-"


He quickly smashed his lips against yours and your face immediately heated up, you pulled away immediately and the black veins vanished. He smiled warmly, "Alright, now we can fight!!" He exclaimed, bringing out his battle axe.

"WHOOOOO!!!" You let out a battle cry and followed Bill, with a huge sword in your hands. Running to the larger demon, you cut of his tendrils, the turned into dust the moment they hit the ground.

"Y/N!!" Bill called to you from a far, he sent you a telepathic message, you nodded and he ran towards you, you held up your sword horizontally and Bill jumped on it, using it as a boost, he went for the demon and cut of his head.

A part of your mind suddenly exploded.

Everything turned to dust.

"What just happened...?" You asked.

"Oh, we just killed the king, and destroyed the nightmare realm and all the demons in it." Bill said casually, keeping his axe.

"Well then..."


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