Chapter 23. Hospitalized

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Alisha's pov...
They got me into a room and sat me down in a bed. These nurses tried putting tubes in me and I was not happy. "I don't need those!" I said angrily at the lady to my left. She didn't say anything and tried pushing me back in the bed. I'm panicking now. Why do I need needles and tubs and nurses I'm perfectly fine! I started to fight the nurse. I don't need attention I need my friends. She picked up the phone on the wall and said "code white, I repeat code white." A couple seconds after she coded me all of these people came in and held me down while the nurse put restraints on me. Oh now I'm mad. I started to wiggle my body but the restraints kept rubbing against my wrists and ankles causing them to bleed. "Alisha you need to calm down or we're going to have to call more people in causing more trouble. You need to calm down." Said the nurse who coded me. I didn't want to cause trouble so I calmed down and the lady put a tube into my arm and almost instantly the pain subsided. Everyone got out except for one nurse. She told me to stay relaxed and that she would be back soon. Then she left to, I was all alone. I was alone until the door swung open and I saw my friends.

Zach's pov...
I opened the door and I was in complete shock. Alisha was boney, blood all over, restraints on, hollow cheeks, dead eyes, fingernail shaped cuts on her arm, and bruises everywhere, mostly on her legs. I ran towards her and hugged her. She couldn't hug back because she was tied down but I knew she was happy to see me. "I'm so glad your back." I said into Alisha's neck. "What do you mean? You knew where I was, you guys were pranking me." Just as Alisha said that a nurse walked in. I was going to tell Alisha that she wasn't pranked but the nurse grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the room. "She's thinks it was all a prank. It was a coping system for her. She will eventually find out that she was indeed kidnapped but please don't say anything until then." Said the nurse in a calming voice. I nodded and went back inside. This is to good to be true. I've got her back! Everyone was huddled around her crying, I myself was also crying. She looked confused but she didn't say anything. The nurse came back in and said that Alisha needed to rest. We all walked back home with smiles on our faces.

Alisha's pov...
Zach looked so happy to see me. I've only got one nurse now and I learned that her name was Beth. So Beth told me that I've been gone for over four months. I don't believe it but it makes sense because its fall now. Beth gave me clothes and a hair brush and told me to go into the washroom and fix myself up. I went into the washroom and what I saw wasn't me. Blood was all over my body, bruises everywhere, every bone visible, hair messy and naughty, cuts and slashes everywhere, my eyes looked dead... everywhere looked dead. I went to take my top off first and that's when I noticed that my hands constantly trembled, I got my shirt off and again looked into the mirror. Every single rib was visible and all of them were bruised. Next was my pants, I slipped off my shorts and once again looked into the mirror. I didn't look human. I broke my gaze with the mirror and started to wash the blood off my neck, hands and face. I slipped on my hospital gown and brushed my hair. I walked out of the washroom looking like a patient. They gave my a wrist band which read Mentally Unstable. I'm very stable thank you very much. The band kept rubbing on my rope burn so Beth decided to wrap my wrists and ankles up. After I was all bandaged up she put my wrist band back on and let me roam around the hallways. I wasn't good at walking so I kept my hands to the wall. They wouldn't let me out of the section I was in but I met a lot of people while I roamed, they were patients too. I didn't talk to a lot of them because they were all mumbling to themselves but every once in awhile I would meet someone and we would chit chat. It was getting late and they made me go back to my room. Well they moved my room, I'm now sharing this big room with 3 other people. They seemed nice, I couldn't talk to them though, for some reason I wasn't aloud. I crawled into bed and fell asleep extremely fast. I wonder if I get to see my friends tomorrow?

Look everything's better now, she isn't dead so that good. 800+ words. I'm really loving writing this! I'm not sure how long this story will be but I don't plan on ending it to soon. And the wrist band thing is just an extra, I'm almost positive that they don't give out things like that at the hospital but she's not exactly stable so I made her unstable. She won't act to crazy and every thing will be better when she gets home so don't worry.

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