Chapter 28. My Life With You

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Zach's pov...
Alisha had just left and I phoned my mom because I needed to go to the mall.

I got into her car and we drove off "so why do you need to go to the mall?" Maybe I should tell her... "Well... I really love Alisha and I know that we're still young... Her being 19 and me being 20 but I really do love her and a want to ask her to marry me..." My mom was in silence and for a second I thought she was going to yell at me but instead she said "oh good! I want to see you happy and if you think this is right then go for it! Can I help you pick out the ring?" I smiled. I'm so lucky to have a mom like her. "Thanks mom. And yeah you can help."

We were now at one of those fancy jewelry stores in the mall and I was totally lost. My mom was going around pointy at all of the pretty rings but I had no idea which one I wanted to give her. My mom said she would pay for a little bit of the ring but I still didn't want one that was to expensive.

I finally decided on a really simple one, it had a small diamond and had engraved swirls in the ring itself. The store clerk asked all about Alisha and I told her all about how pretty and kind she was. The ring was put into a tiny blue box and I put it into my pocket as I walked out. My mom kept going on and on about how excited she was to have her baby boy get married. I'm not sure how my dad is going to react but I'm sure if he has anything bad to say my mom will defend me. We drove home and the whole way there I was silent. I'm trying to figure out how I want to propose. I don't want to do it in public incase she says no so I might just set up a cute picnic in my backyard and ask her then.

Before I knew it we were already at my house. "Good luck sweetie! Call me when you ask!" "Bye mom. I will." She drove away and I got into my house. There was still plenty of time before the sun went down so I grabbed a blanket and some Christmas lights and headed outside. I put the blanket down and I ran a cord from inside the house to outside so that I could plug in the lights. I backed away and it looked perfect. A checkered blanket surrounded by small white lights, a perfect setting to ask her. I unplugged the lights and texted Alisha.

A=Alisha Z=Graser/Zach

Z: "come to my place at 5:30. No earlier or later"
A: "okay????"
Z: "don't worry about it. If anything I have to worry."
A: "um okay, see ya at 5:30 then. I love you."
Z: "I love you too."

I turned off my phone and sent a message to the cube group chat on my computer.

Graser: might ask Alisha to marry me tonight!

I was spammed with a while bunch of "what?" And "yay!" But I only answered with this,

Graser: idk if she'll say yes but I'm hoping she does! I'll record and maybe you can see.

I smiled then turned off my computer. It was 4:00pm and I needed to get ready. I took the ring out of my pocket and put it on the bed then I walked into the washroom. I took a quick shower and got my outfit ready. A pair of nice jeans with a dress shirt. Oh I should probably text Alisha to tell her to dress nice.

A= Alisha Z= Graser/Zach

Z: "wear something nice."
A: "okay! Can't wait to come over!"
Z: "yeah same. Love you"
A: "love you."

I put 0n my clothes at looked at the time 4:47pm I had a lot of time to kill so I practiced on what I was going to tell her.

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard the doorbell ring. I put the ring in my pocket then dashed outside to plug in the lights. The lights were now on and I heard the door bell ring again. I ran back inside and opened the door. Alisha was wearing a dark blue dress with black tights on underneath. I was about to lead her outside but then I remember I didn't set up my camera "oh shoot! Wait here and don't move!" I ran upstairs and got my camera then I ran back downstairs and went into the yard. I set up the camera on a nearby rock and pressed record. I got back into the house and Alisha raised an eyebrow. I grabbed her hand then pulled her outside. She gasped "oh this is beautiful Zach!" I blushed, I pointed to the blankets and we sat down. We sat in silence for maybe two minutes then I stood up. "Alisha..." I got down one knee. Her mouth dropped down and her eyes started to water. "Alisha... You have always been my addiction. You've been through so much and my only wish is to spend every moment with you. I know that we're still young but I love you to much to wait. I want to spend My Life With You. Will you marry me?" I pulled the box out of my pocket and opened the lid exposing the ring. She said nothing and I started to panic, oh my god she doesn't like me as much as I though, oh my god! But then "yes... Yes I will marry you!" I stood up and so did she. I slipped the ring onto her finger and I gave her a bear hug. We broke apart but only to kiss. I felt a spark run through my body as our lips collided, I knew I was making the right choice.

So I've decided to end this book on chapter 30. I'm sorry that its just Graser's point of view but I liked it better this way. 1000+ words.

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