Chapter 20. Mystery man

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Zach's pov...
It's been a couple months since Alisha's been gone... actually it been 4 months and 11 days since Alisha's been gone. I get a phone call from the police every once in awhile explaining some things. The last thing they've said to me was that they've found some clues and that they think she's still in the same city as she got kidnapped in. I'm constantly uploading videos, it's the only thing that keeps my mind distracted. Even though her house is abandoned I still come over twice a week to clean things up. I pay her rent, it's silly but I have hope she's coming back. The guys check up on me everyday making sure I don't do anything stupid. Her channel has gone from 3 million to 4, people feel sympathy towards her so they subscribe. The only time I ever leave the house is to clean Alisha's house or to go get groceries. Tomorrow I'm going to another convention with the guys. I hope this trip gets my mind off of things.

Alisha's pov...
The sun has just gone up. Flame head, granny glasses and mystery dude won't be up for another hour. I say mystery dude because I had three people play this prank on me but only two of them have visited me, well four if you count the "fan" but I don't see him. I looked down at my body, it's covered with cuts and bruises. My once nice white top is now grey and bloody. I don't know how long it's been since this prank started but I thinks it been a week? I can't really tell. I hurts to breath so I think my ribs are bruised or broken. I hate this prank! This is not something you do to people! You monsters! I'm stick thin, I can see almost every bone in my body, I'm pretty weak, I'm not sure how long I can stay alive.

*an hour later*

Flame head came in today. He did the usual kicking and punching then left me to drink some water and eat a carrot. I get food every morning, but sometimes if I look weak I get food in the morning and at night. I ate, drank and waited for someone else to come in. This is unusual, normally when I'm done eating someone comes in and takes away my cup but this time no one came in. The cups glass, if I brake it then maybe a can grab a shard and cut the ropes around my hands. Here goes nothing. SMASH! It made a loud noise, I waited for someone to come in but no one came. I grabbed the sharpest shard and started to slice away. I cut the rope off and my hands were free. I had serious rope burn all around my wrist, it hurt to bend them. I then started to cut the ropes around my ankles. The ropes came off and I had bad rope burn around them to. I tried to stand up but I couldn't. I haven't stood up the whole week I've been here, it sure doesn't seem like I've been here a week but that's what they tell me. What do I do first? Brake the window and call for help or get the door open. I chose to brake the window. I threw my fist at the window and it broke with ease. There was blood pouring out of my hand but I didn't care. "Somebody help! Help I'm trapped!" I screamed as loud as I could. Then I ran to the door. It won't open. Oh my god it won't open! I can't get out. I'm pounding my fist at the door when it swings open and I get pushed to the ground. "Oh you've done it now! We were going to let you rest today but you just had to ruin it huh!" It was the mystery man. He wasn't wearing any glasses and his face wasn't covered. "We were sitting outside enjoying the breeze when you broke the god damn window! You're lucky no one heard you!" He kept screaming at me. I was still on the ground. If I ran now I could probably get past him. As fast as I could I made a run for the open door, bad mistake. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed me back in my corner. "And now I have to tie you up! God can't you just stay put!" He grabbed rope out of his back pocket and started to tie my hands and feet. He then pulled my hands above me and hooked my tied hands to a hook. Like usual I couldn't really touch the ground. Only a couple of my toes could touch. "See now I have to hook you up cause you can't listen to simple instructions! We told you that you can't leave but why do you try to do? What do you try to do?" He said grabbing my neck. With my very soft and quit voice I said "le- leave..." Let's hope he didn't mind that I stuttered. "God your such a coward! You're just like your mother!" Mother? That's when it hit me. "Dad?"

Oh dang. Of your wondering why Alisha keeps referring to this as a prank it's because she's scared and to cope with it she tells herself that it's a prank. 800+ words. What will happen in the next chapter I wonder?

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