Chapter 13. Stories to tell

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Zach's pov...
I woke up feeling good about today. The plan was for all of us to go to the park and hang out. I sent Alisha a quick text explaining the details.

Zach: we're all gonna go to the park at 1:00pm you coming?
Alisha: yeah sure :)
Zach: ok :)

I looked down and couldn't help but smile. This girl could do the simplest things and still make my heart melt. Today would be the last full day that Straub and H are here, this was just a quick visit. It was already 10:00am and I needed to upload a video before I left. I jogged down the stairs making as much noise as I could to wake up the boys. "Stop Graser!" Straub screamed from the guest bedroom. H just groaned at me. I still had pizza in the fridge from last night so I ate some for breakfast. When I was done I ran up the stairs and again made as much noise as I possibly could. I went to my room and uploaded a video. Then I headed to the washroom to take a shower. I came out, dried off and got dressed. 11:11am ohhh make a wish! I wish that today will be super fun and exciting! The guys were still getting ready down stairs so I decided to talk to my friends until it was time to go. I looked at the clock, 1:00pm... Oh shit! We're supposed to be at the park! It's at least an eight minute walk! "Straub, H we're leaving right now!" We all scrambled out of the door and ran to the park. We got there in five minutes and we were all panting. Alisha was sitting on a bench near the playground, she wore a white top with light pink shorts, she looked gorgeous! "Hi Alisha." H said beside me. "Oh my god are you guys okay? Did you run here?" No one else was answering so I spoke up, "uh yeah... We were late and didn't want to keep you waiting." She was just about to say something when we heard, "oh my god it's Alisha!" "Alisha is here, someone take my picture!" And this group of about fifteen people swarmed Alisha. She was taking pictures, giving out hugs and talking to them. She was busy for about thirty minutes and we were just awkwardly standing there because no one knew who we were. The kids finally left and Alisha rejoined us. "I'm sorry." She looked at us and seemed embarrassed. "No it's cool. It's just a couple of fans." Said Straub who finally caught his breath. There wasn't really anything to talk about so we just talked about our home towns. I've lived here all my life but apparently Alisha used to live somewhere in Alberta.

Alisha's pov...
We all talked about where we used to live. We all shared stories but everyone seemed more interested in me. "So when It was winter I used to use old tires and sit in the middle and all of my friends did that to and we'd just slide down the hill." Everyone stayed silent all wanting to here more. "And when it was summer time I used to chase down the ice cream truck and the guy working it it new I liked to run so he'd purposely speed up until I was out of breath." This made everyone laugh. But again their eyes watched me closely. "So when I was eight I went through this rebellious stage and I decided I wanted a different name so I made everyone call me Hannah. That lasted for a year then I hated the name Hannah and went back to Alisha." Everyone smiled and then Liam started to share stories.

Straub's pov...
Alisha was such a funny person I can see why graser likes her. I overheard his and H's conversation last night. It's sad that I have to leave tomorrow, I wanted to get to know her better.

Zach's pov...
Everyone finished telling stories and we all sat there watching the kids play on the Playground. That's when Alisha leaped up from the bench and grabbed my hand. "What are you doing Alisha?" She started to pull me towards the swing set. "I'm having fun. Push me please!" She got on the swing and gave me the pouty face. "Fine." I placed my hands on her back and pushed her. Her smile was so wide.

Hbomb's pov...
Alisha grabbed Graser's hand and pulled him towards the swing set. Straub stood up to follow but I stopped him. "Hold on, let them share this memory alone." Straub looked at me as if he didn't really understand what I said, "I mean just let then be." He nodded then sat back down, he pulled out his phone and started to take pictures of them. "As soon as I have permission this is going up on twitter." I laughed at straub's comment, what a silly guy.

Sorry for this being up later then usual but I didn't know how I wanted to write this. 800+ words. I know it's short so hopefully tomorrows chapter will be longer.

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