Chapter 6. Asleep in your arms

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Alisha's pov...
I went home and started to laugh again, I swear to god I'm going to get abs from laughing! Zach is so funny and I feel so happy around him, it was 11:30am I just had to wait roughly 8 hours until I can see him again...oh boy. I took this time to record a lot of videos, it's always great to have extras on hand. By the time I edited them all and uploaded one it was already 5:30pm. Only a few more hours now. I went down the stairs and had some left over pizza. Yummy cold pizza! I went onto Instagram and looked through my entire feed. I even stalked a couple of my fans. Some of them are great at editing pictures like oh my god, I was tempted to like some of them but it would have been weird because they posted those pics like 33 weeks ago so... I looked at the clock 6:40pm oh good, I can get ready then head over. I touched up my makeup, brushed my teeth, closed the windows then locked up my house. I knocked on his door 2 minutes before 7, I hope he didn't mind.

Zach's pov...
I cleaned up the house and edited some videos, when I looked at the clock it read 5:00pm good I have time to get ready! I got into the shower and scrubbed myself clean, I took a longer shower then usual. I got out and went looking for an outfit to wear. When Alisha came in earlier I was in my PJ's. I ended up wearing my jeans and a baggy black t-shirt. 6:38pm ok I still have time, I made my bed and put my pillow back on my bed from where Alisha was. It smelt like her, I don't know exactly what she smells like but I would describe it as sweet and fresh. I grabbed my laptop and brought it down stairs and hooked it to the TV, if everything goes smoothly I would like to watch a movie. I looked at my phone 6:58pm. Just as I turned off my phone I heard a knock.
Quickly glancing at myself in the mirror I opened the door. "Hey, come in. You can just drop your stuff over there." Alisha gave me a small grin then put her bag down. "So I was planning to watch a movie but whatever you want works to." "A movie sounds great! So what movie then?" I hadn't thought about that yet, I should let her pick. "Pick your favourite movie." "It's really girly though." Girly movie? I swear if its about shopping or something. "That's fine." I had to let her pick. It's called being a nice host. She went on to Netflix and picked the movie. I was already siting on the couch so she joined me. The movie started. "Wait is this the notebook?" I've never seen it, I'm now hoping it is. "Yeah, I know it's super lovey dovey but I like it. We can change it if you want?" Alisha's very nice and thoughtful, that's one of my favourite things about her. "No I'm good, I want to watch it." An hour into the movie and we're sitting right beside each other with a blanket on our laps. I'm actually really enjoying the movie so far. Now It's about an hour and a half into the Notebook and I feel a sudden thud on my shoulder, Alisha has fallen asleep. I didn't want I move her incase she woke up so I stayed and watched the rest of the movie. It eventually ended and I now had to do something with the person sleeping on my shoulder. Carefully I leaned her back and got off the couch, I turned off the TV and unplugged my laptop and brought it back to my room. When I came back Alisha was still asleep. Do I wake her? I just can't leave her on the couch. I guess I'll give up my bed so that she can sleep there. Carefully I placed my hands under her body. If she woke up now it would be awkward. I slowly lifted her off the couch and positioned my hands under her legs and back. Her head tilted and was now leaning into my chest. She was so peaceful. I'm really clumsy so I took my time on the stairs. Finally entering my room I put her down on my bed. I turned the fan on and pulled the covers over her. I hope she sleeps well. I exited the room and gathered some blankets for my night on the couch.

Alisha's pov...
I woke up confused. I had no idea what time it was or where I was. Was I kidnapped? Oh wait no, this is Zach's room. Why am I in his room? I suddenly whipped my head to the side to make sure we weren't sleeping together. Oh thank god! I was going to have a heart attack of he was beside me. I got up and made my way down the stairs into the living room. Something smelled really yummy coming from the kitchen. I walked in and there's Zach trying to make pancakes with a YouTube tutorial pulled up on his laptop. I couldn't help myself from smiling. He noticed me and signalled me to sit down. Unlike me he has kitchen chairs and a table. "So uh what happened?" I was curious. "Oh yeah you fell asleep during the movie and I didn't want to wake you up so I carried you I bed." I blushed when he said carried to bed. I felt something for Zach but I didn't know what it was. I think he noticed because he blushed to. Zach only ended up making 4 good pancakes so we had a small breakfast, at least the meal was equal. In the afternoon I left. He needed to record and I needed to upload. I'm starting to like this new friendship.

So this chapter is shorter then the ones recently but I hope you enjoyed anyways. 1000+ words. I've actually never seen the Notebook, I want to but I've just never had the time to watch it.

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