Chapter 4. Laughing fit

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Zach's pov...
I finished editing around 8:00pm I wonder if Alisha is still wake? Maybe I should call her? I put my hands into my pocket looking for the little piece of paper with her number on it. I found it and dialled her number. "Hello? Is this Alisha?" "Uh yeah it is." I could practically hear her smiling. "Did I disturb? I hope I didn't." "Oh no you didn't, I was just editing -I mean I was working." Editing? Now I really want to know what she does. "Oh sorry I can call you back later if you want?" "No no Zach it's fine, I just finished anyways. So what do you want to talk about?" "Everything, let me get to know you!" We talked for 5 hours and 47 minutes. We learned so much about each other, I still didn't say anything about YouTube but it almost slipped out a couple of times. I want to spend more time with her.

Alisha's pov...
We talked for 5 hours and 47 minutes. We talked about everything. I still didn't say anything about YouTube. I kind of wish I did though. I want to spend more time with him! I told him about my parents and where I used to live before I moved here. I knew almost everything about him. We wanted to hang out tomorrow well I guess I mean today because I still haven't slept... but he's coming to my house so we can talk more. I really need to get some sleep. I ended up sleeping on the couch.

Knock knock knock. Ding dong ding dong. I opened my eyes and I forgot where I was, oh wait I'm on the couch. Who on earth is at my door? Oh my god no! I didn't set an alarm! I opened the door having no idea what I looked like. There stood Zach in shorts and a blue t-shirt. I felt so embarrassed "Um hi sorry I fell asleep on the couch and never set an alarm. I'm so sorry." "It's fine, we talked pretty late last night, I don't blame you." "If you want you can sit on my couch while I get dressed?" "Yeah of corse, you get ready and I'll be here." I causally walked up the stairs but as soon as I got to my room and closed the door shut I bolted to my mirror, I looked terrible! My mascara and eyeliner were all over my face and my hair was so messy and naughty. I must've looked like a fool. I wiped off my makeup and redid it. I went to my closet and put on my high wasted shorts, black thigh high socks and my black crop top. I looked in the mirror and started to brush my hair. When It was nice and naught free I pulled it into a high pony. I think I'm done. I jogged down stairs to find Zach no where in sight. "Zach?" "BOO!" "AHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs but then collapsed on the floor laughing my but off. "Jesus! You scared the crap out of me!" "I scared you?! You scared me, it sounded like you were getting stabbed!" Zach joined me on the floor laughing. I was laughing so hard I was crying, good thing my makeup was water proof. "It hurts! Oh my god it hurts to laugh!" I screamed over my laughing fits. I finally stopped and then a few seconds after so did he. We sat there together in silence, and for the first time in forever It felt like I had a friend. While Zach scared me I guess I dropped my phone on the floor right beside him. He looked at it then took it. "I'm ordering pizza, is cheese fine." For some reason this made me laugh again and he rolled his eyes at me and then went into the kitchen.

Zach's pov...
I went to go order pizza in the kitchen, I was going to do so in the living room but Alisha's laugh is so loud. "Hi yes I would like to order a pizza. Large. Uh cheese please. The address is 1617 Keith road. Ok thank you." I hung up and went to go tell Alisha that the pizza will be here in 30 minutes. I found her on the floor taking selfies with my phone that must've fell out of my pocket earlier. "I'm expecting some really silly pictures." "Don't worry you've got plenty." She smiled at me and I could tell she was truly happy. She was still on the floor, I had a brilliant idea. I crouched down beside Alisha then started to tickle her. She flung my phone across the room and screamed and laugh and for a second our faces got so close I thought I might kiss her. I quickly realized what I was thinking and backed away, she didn't seem to notice any of it so I'm glad. Alisha was clutching her sides and then all of a sudden she leaped across the room grabbed the first pillow she could find then she starting hitting my with it. I didn't fight, I deserved it. We shook hands and called a truce then we just went on our phones till the pizza arrived.

Ding dong. I looked up at Alisha and she got up to answer the door. I came up behind her and payed the bill. She didn't have a table or chairs so we just sat on the singular couch she had in the living room. We talked about the things we didn't get to talk about yesterday, I really enjoyed it. When Alisha finished her two slices and I finished my three we went up stairs so that she could show me her room. As soon as I walked in I was amazed. Huge bed, fairy lights above the bed, full length mirror, big desk, computer, recording stuff, bathroom and a walk in closet. Wait recording stuff? "Alisha? Do you record videos?" "Oh um yeah actually, I'm a YouTuber!" She's a YouTuber?! This is so amazing! "Hey I'm a YouTuber too!" Her eyes widened at me and I couldn't help but smile. "Wow! Really?! This is so amazing! It's is so surreal." It was so surreal, that would suck if I like woke up and this was all a dream. I quickly pinched my hand, nope I'm good. We talked a lot about YouTube and the time flew by way to fast. I looked at her clock and it read 6:00pm I got off her bed. "I hate to end this but I really gotta go and record." "Oh jeez! Yeah same." Alisha walked me out the front door. There was no need to say bye, we were probably going to do the same tomorrow but we waved anyways.

Alisha's pov...
Zach left and I felt kind of sad. This was the most fun I had in ages. He let me keep the rest of the pizza. I walked to the fridge and grabbed the pop he bought me yesterday. Up the stairs and time to record.

This is so far my favourite chapter I've done! 1000+ words! I'm really liking this story so far, can't wait to add more!

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