Chapter 26. He is mine

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Alisha's pov...
I'm back at my house now. I've just uploaded a video of me playing Slender Man. It's like 9:00pm why did I think it was a good idea to play a scary game. I opened my window and leaned out of it. I tapped his window and Zach came over and opened it. "Babe I'm streaming right now, what's up?" "I played a scaring game! Come protect me!" I was being 100% serious, I was so scared and I needed to be protected. "Um you can come over but you have to wait until I end my stream." "Okay!" I turned my body around and grabbed the top of the window. I put one leg out and looked at Zach, "oh my god what the hell are you doing?! Get back inside." I'm not going back inside, this is a short cut. "Catch me!" I swung my other leg out and reached out to grab Zach's hand. I fell from the window but Zach had a death grip on both of my hands. He pulled me inside and said "are you crazy!? You could have fallen, what if I wasn't there?!" "We'll I wouldn't have fallen because you were there." He looked at me annoyed "that's not what I meant. If I wasn't there then you would have broken something. Now if you don't mind I have to get back to my stream." Zach walked back to his computer and started to talk to his fans and friends. I closed his window and laid down in his bed. I'm starting to gain my weight back and the bruises are starting to fade. I hate going out in public because people always stare and me and point. I'm a human being just like everyone else, I just look different at the moment.

I was thinking really hard but I was interrupted, "BOO!" I screamed and leaped out of bed and ran out of the room. I'm already down stairs and I can here Zach laughing in his room. "That wasn't funny!" He stopped laughing "yeah it was." And then started to laugh again. I made my way back upstairs and saw him collapsed on the ground. I bent down and sat on him "hey Alisha get off of me." "Nope, you laughed at me." He reached up and tickled me, I scooted off of him in attempts to escape the tickling, no luck. He kept tickling me until It hurt "st-stop -hahahahha oh my god, st- ahahaha stop! I can't breath!" He stopped and I crawled to the corner of his room to catch me breath. I thought I was going to die! I couldn't breath!

Zach's pov...
I stopped tickling Alisha and watched as she gave me the death glare from across the room. I hate to admit it but me tickling her was kind of mean. I flashed her a smile, she glared at me. "Do you love me today?" She bit her lip "yeah I do." "Yay!" I ran over to her and hugged her. "Can I sleepover?" I love when she sleeps at my place. "Ya you can." I went to my closet and took out sweatpants and a shirt. I pulled down my pants "hey I'm still here!" Said Alisha shielding her eyes with her hand. I laughed, then I processed to take off my pants and T-shirt. I put on my sweatpants and shirt "done!" Alisha was already wearing her PJ's so we both crawled into bed. "If something scaring happens you have do deal with it... Ok?" She's silly, "okay." I drifted off to sleep.

Alisha's pov...
I'm in bed cuddled up to Zach, these are the moments I love. I slowly ran my fingers up and down his chest, feeling every beat his heart has to give, feeling his chest rise as his lungs expand with air, feeling the deep rumble as he snores. He's so peaceful, so calm. I trace little hearts with my fingers as far as my arm will reach. His eye lids flutter and I can't help but wonder what he's dreaming about, what adventures he's going on and if I'm in any if them. I sit up and connect my lips with his, he doesn't wake up or stir, he just lays there in a deep sleep. I brake apart and lay back down. This is the guy I love. He's a goofball but I can't think of anyone better the him. If for some reason I don't wake up from my sleep then I'm fine with that, Zach has given me an amazing life and as long as I'm with him I don't care what happens to me. My only dream is to continue to care and love him and keep him safe. He is mine and I am his.

Cute chapter. 800+ words. I hope everyone is doing well in school so far.

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