Chapter 7. Asleep again

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Alisha's pov...
I walk into my peaceful house and went straight to my room. I think I'll just upload a bloopers video. Just as I uploaded the video a notification popped up on my phone. Graser10 has followed you on twitter. Well I should follow him back, his twitter was filled with really odd and random tweets, he is silly so it makes sense. It was already 2:00pm I should call my mom. "Hi mom. How was your day. Oh mine was good. Yeah I'm friends with my neighbour. We both do YouTube. Mom I told you, this is my job! I make good money and I love what I'm doing... Oh uh yeah sure, bye." Whenever I talk to my mom it always ended in an argument. She hates that I'm doing YouTube. I went online and ordered kitchen chairs, a table and another couch for my living room. That made a huge dent in my money supply. My phone started to vibrate, I looked at it and it was from Zach.

Zach: I'm almost done editing a vid. You want to hang out?
Alisha: yeah sure. My place?
Zach: yeah sounds good :)
Alisha: OKAY :)

It was a small conversation but it made me feel happy. We've been hanging out 24/7 it's really nice to have company. I went over to my window and opened it. His window was open too, I bet if I tried I could get into his house from his window. Maybe next time I'll try. Then I heard Zach come in, I quickly ducked under the window. If he saw me looking into his room it'd be weird. Finally realizing that I was still in my clothes from yesterday I decide I should shower.

Zach's pov...
I was on my computer talking to Bee when I turned around and realized I could see into Alisha's room. We could literally talk through the windows, oh man can she hear me talking? I was still looking into her room when Alisha came out of the washroom with a towel around her body. Immediately I turned my head around, I don't need to spy on my friend getting dressed. I kept wanting to turn back but I kept my focus on me and Bee's conversation. When it was 4:00pm I ended our talk and got ready for Alisha's place. I put on shorts and a grey hoodie. I hope she's ready.

Alisha's pov...
I dried off my body and went looking for an outfit. I decided on black leggings and a rainbow crop top. Just as I finished my makeup and hair I heard the door bell ring. Jogging down the stairs I headed straight to the door and opened it. Zach stood there looking really cute. "I brought over something to drink." He lifted his hand so that I could see he brought over some beers. "Ok thanks, you can put them on the counter." He walked towards the kitchen and I closed the door behind him. "So I was thinking we could watch a movie again. You pick this time." "Yeah sure." Since I didn't have a TV I decide we would watch it on my computer. "Do you want to watch it in my bedroom or here?" "Bedroom." I kinda guessed it. My bedroom it 10x more comfy then my living room. Zach walked out of the kitchen and handed me a beer. We got to my bedroom and I signalled Zach to sit on my bed. Grabbing my laptop I joined him. Zach grabbed my computer and started to type, I wonder what movie? "Oh my god is this Star Wars?" "Yeah it is. It's a good movie so I'm not going to change it." I didn't mind watching it. I've seen a few and unfortunately I've seen this one already but oh well. The movie ended and I shut off my laptop. I turned to Zach but noticed he was asleep. He looked so cute. I leaned in until my lips were hovering over his lips. I backed away, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I've developed a slight crush on Zach. But we basically just met, I can't go around kissing him. It was 8:00pm. I finished the rest of my beer and threw Zach's away. I guess he can stay in my bed. He was laying on top of the covers so I couldn't really do anything, Zach is just going to have to lay on top. I didn't feel to well. We both had about three drinks and normally I can have five or so with out feeling dizzy but for some reason it only took three this time. I headed into my washroom to look for some aspirin... of corse, I was out. I quickly wrote a small note for Zach and left the house.

Zach's pov...
I woke up and groaned. Alisha's bed was comfy but I slept on my neck. Wait did I honestly sleep during the movie? I sat up and could feel my head pounding, I guess it didn't take long for the a alcohol to kick in. There was a little note on her bed side table.

Zach, I went out to go get aspirin. If you wake up feel free to eat something or you can log onto my computer. :)

She's sweet. I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to go on her computer so I decided I would talk to Straub. "Strubber! What's up?" "Graser it is so early in the morning! What do you want?" Oh yeah forgot, different time zones. "I just wanted to talk to my boy! Plus I'm all alone right now." "Ok well hop on Mineplex, we can go record something." Oh that's going to be a problem. "Oops can't. At a friends house, she went to the store." There was a moment of silence. "Wait... The girl neighbour?" You know I did tell Straub her name. I wished he used her name. "Yeah I'm at Alisha's and we were watching a movie and I fell asleep and she went to the store." I heard him yawn. I feel really bad, I didn't realize it was early for him. "Ok well that's nice, I'm going back to bed." "Ok good night!" "More like good morning.... I hate you." And with that he just hung up, man I feel sorry for him. I got under the covers and went back to bed.

Alisha's pov...
I came back with aspirin and sour candies. I took 2 tablets then placed the bottle beside Zach along with a bottle of water. He must have woken up at one point because he was under the covers and the note was on the floor. I made my way down stairs and laid down on the couch. I figured I would just rest my eyes but I ended up falling asleep instead.

Just a heads up, in Canada our legal drinking age is 19. 1000+ words. This chapter was boring but don't worry. The next on will be better.

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