Chapter 12. To much silence

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Alisha's pov...
I woke up to tapping at my window. I slowly got out of bed and went to investigate. I reached the window and there was Zach with a stretched out clothes hanger leaning out the window. "What on earth are you doing!" "Quick! You need to get ready!" "Zach tell me what's going on." He's Insane! He could have just called me instead of tapping on my window?! "My friends are coming and I want to introduce them to you." He woke me up just to tell me he wanted to introduce me to people... "Uh okay, when are they coming?" "I'll be picking them up from the airport in an hour. So you need to hurry." I nodded then closed the window. Somehow I've got to get ready in an hour. I took a fast shower then I dried my hair as fast as I could. I did my makeup then walked out of the washroom. I had 20 minutes Left... I think? Jogging to my closet I started to rummage through my clothes. I put on my black high wasted shorts and purple crop top. now all I had to do was straighten my hair. Putting my keys, phone and wallet in my purse I stepped out the front door. Just as I did a car pulled up, Zach and two other guys got out of the car. Zach saw me then waved my over. "Alisha, this is Liam and Mitchell." I smiled at them, "hi." I saw Liam elbow Zach and then I saw Zach smile, I wonder what's up. We all walked into the house and sat in the living room. It's much cleaner then I remember. I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation but I did noticed when everyone stopped talking all at once. I made eye contact with Zach and gave him the what the hell is going on look. Zach started to laugh and then so did Liam and Mitchell. This was really strange. "So Alisha does YouTube too." Everyone turned to look at me, "uh yeah I do. Are you guys Youtubers too or..." "Yeah we are." Said Liam and Mitchell at the same time, then they went quite again. Oh great more awkward silence. I got up and made my way to the kitchen, this was to awkward to me. Of course everyone started laughing when I got up. I was trying to find something to eat but I couldn't help but over hear their conversation. "She's really pretty. You guys friends?" I think Mitchell said that. "Yeah we're just friends." That was Zach's voice, it broke my heart to hear him say just friends but I understand, he doesn't want people to know. "Oh..." And that was Liam's voice. I heard enough, I walked back into the room with an apple in my hand. I bit into my snack and everyone just bursted out laughing. "Oh my god you guys laugh way to much! You're just like Za-" "graser! Their just like me... I'm graser." Oh crap forgot, he liked To be called graser. I gave an I'm sorry smile and he returned it. I joined in the conversation sometimes, they kept talking about the Cube and I didn't know what that was so I waited till I knew what they were talking about. We talked a lot and Zach ordered pizza for supper. I looked at the clock and it said 6:15pm I got up from my chair. "Sorry but I've got to go and record a video." Everyone nodded. "I'll walk you home." Zach got up from the couch and headed towards me. "Thanks Za- Graser. Thanks Graser." I put my shoes on and headed to my house. We got to my front door and stopped. "I'm sorry, that was kind of weird for you wasn't it?" "Just a bit, I don't mind though. You looked happy." We both smiled then he kissed my forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow." "Okay sounds great." As soon as I got in the door I raced up my stairs to record a video, people are going to be mad at me for uploading it late. After I had fifteen minutes of footage I did very little editing and uploaded it. People were mad of course, but at least they got a video.

Zach's pov...
I got home and H was standing by the door. "I thought you said she was your girlfriend." I quickly glanced around the room, Straub must be in the washroom. "Yeah she is but I don't want to tell anybody yet." "Then why do I know?!" "Because I needed help, now drop the subject before Straub comes back... Please." H shook his head at me then sat back down on the couch. He doesn't understand, people love him and his girlfriend. What if the fans started drama or a rumour about me and Alisha, it could break us apart. I've only known her for a couple of days and she's already my girlfriend, I love her but I just don't want to see her hurt. H and I just sat there in silence until Straub came. "Aw man I feel so jet lagged! I'm just gonna go to sleep now." Straub walked into the guest room and closed the door. H sighed "well I guess I'll sleep on the couch then." "H, I love her." He smiled, and then looked at me. "Why don't we all go out tomorrow? I saw a park on the way here, we could go there." I felt my heart skip a beat, that's where I first saw her. "Sounds great! Thanks H." "For what I did nothing?" "You're a good friend. I'm gonna head to bed, good night." "Night Graser." I walked up the stairs and closed the door to my room. I looked out the window and saw Alisha on her computer. She's perfect.

Sorry for this shorter chapter. 900+ words. I want to keep this a happy fanfic so if you want death and disaster then you've come to the wrong place.

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