Chapter 22. Shes back

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Alisha's pov...
Bang. Blood splattered all over me. What? I opened me eyes to see three cops and four people from S.W.A.T "we've come to get you out." Said one cop. I looked down to see my dad with a whole in his head, blood everywhere including on me. I had just witnessed my dad, my own father get shot. He's a terrible man and what scares me the most is that apart of him is in me, I've got his genes! I have the genes of a murderer! I'm so confused. Why was my dad involved in this prank? And why did no one stop him when he pulled out a gun? "Sir? This is only a prank, no need for all of this commotion." Everyone looked concerned. One of them tried to speak but was stopped by another cop. They untied me and carried me out. "Come on I don't need to be carried." They cop carrying me laughed. "Yes you do Alisha." How on earth does this guy know my name? And why are there so many cops. This is just a prank! We got out of the house to see granny glasses and flame head in handcuffs. I waved at them. "Bye granny glasses and flame head!" I said to them. The guy carrying me laughed... rude. It's not my fault I don't know their names. A huge crowd had formed around us all. Oh am I on some prank show? What if I was? I bet I'll be famous after this. They lifted my into a helicopter. "Alisha we are having to air lift you to a hospital, your condition is worse then we thought." Said the guy holding me. Why is everyone treating me like a baby, I'm perfectly capable on my own. I have to admit it was cool. We were now in the sky and I could see the ground below. It looked like it was fall already. How is it already fall when I've only been down there a week? I'm so confused! I leaned my head back, maybe I'll just take a nap till we get there. I closed my eyes but then was rudely awakened by the guy beside me. I gave him the what the hell look. "You can't sleep, not until we know you'll wake up." Know I'll wake up? Why wouldn't I? We landed on top of the hospital in no time. All theses doctors came up with a stretcher and everyone looked concerned. I smiled at them, they seem like nice people. "Get her family on the phone." Said a doctor. "She has no family. Just friends." Said one cop. "Then get her friends on the phone." Said the doctor. The cop guy looked at me and said "tell me one of your friends numbers." I told them Zach's number, I know it by heart.

Zach's pov...
We had just arrived home when I got a call from a number I didn't know. I answered it anyways.

Z= Zach, c= cop.

Z: "hello?"
C: "hello is this Zach?"
Z: "yes."
C: "we would like to inform you that we have found Alisha and we are taking her to the hospital near you."

I almost fainted. Alisha! She's back!

Z: "..."
C: "sir?"
Z: "sorry yes, we'll be right over. Bye."

I hung up the phone and dashed to the door. I slipped on my shoes as fast as I could. Everyone was yelling at me to tell them who it was. "There's no time to waste. We have to go to the hospital!"

Straub's pov...
Parker and Hbomb told us about Graser's food. Luckily he told us now because Graser had just come down. We all got up to talk to him but his phone rang. He answered and him and the caller talked then Graser started to smile like crazy. He hung up the phone then ran to the door. He was acting like a mad man! All of us were yelling at him to tell us what happened but all he said was "there's no time to waste. We have to go to the hospital!" We all got your shoes on and ran to the hospital. It was really close by so we didn't need a car or anything. On the way there Graser told us that Alisha has been found. We were all so happy!

Zach's pov...
We arrived at the hospital and we all bombarded the lady at the desk to tell us which room Alisha was in. She kept saying we didn't have authority and to sit and wait till she could get more information. All of us sat in the waiting room taking up almost all the chairs. 5 minutes had past and I was getting antsy. I needed to see her now. Just as I was going to ask the lady again these two military looking dudes came into the waiting room. "Are all of you looking for Alisha?" They asked. We all stood up indicating that we were indeed looking for Alisha. "Come with us." We followed the two guys all the way to Alisha's room. One of them turned around "she's in pretty rough shape. If you ask questions don't expect logical answers." Said the scariest looking guy. They left and we walked into the room and what we saw was pure horror.

What did they see? 800+ words. I'm really enjoying writing this!

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