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pretend ; graser10 by weirdograser
pretend ; graser10by weirdograser
what would you do if your best internet friend is secretly the guy you watch on youtube everyday? #1 on Graser10 tag: 06/09/2015
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Four Hours // Graser10 by -cxbesmp
Four Hours // Graser10by ally :))
"-and finally, Graser with Harley!" You've got to be kidding me. I guarantee you Harley has the same reaction and me. I guarantee it. I bet this was all set up...
  • cubesmp
  • uhc
  • grasermc
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one ; graser10 by weirdograser
one ; graser10by weirdograser
one last. that's how much more chances he gets. and that's all he needs. [part two]
  • graser
  • thecube
  • grasermc
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Pixel - - A Cube SMP Fanfiction by code_cherry
Pixel - - A Cube SMP Fanfictionby Aimee (Cherry) ♡
“Pixel is the ultimate project, and now it’s finished. Once it is released to the public, it will revolutionize the world of gaming. Nothing will ever be the same.” ...
  • duljuice
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Where it All Started {A CubeSMP Fanfic} DIFFERENT ENDING ! by WhatzUpItzMe
Where it All Started {A CubeSMP Marrrrrriiaaa
Cube SMP Fanfic! Hope you all enjoy, while reading and going through Lia's crazy, crazy life.
  • thecubesmp
  • bee
  • smp
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Life with you || Graser10 by phandomkids
Life with you || Graser10by phandomkids
Alisha is ready for life on her own. She was able to afford a small house with the money she makes off of YouTube. So far life is great but her neighbour is extremely lo...
  • graser10
  • grasermc
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Smile, robot. by heyimlaur
Smile, Lauren
I am a robot. Not really- but that's how I portray myself. It's easy to make a character on the internet. Soon enough it becomes everybodies go-to-joke. "But Graser...
  • sad
  • cubesmp
  • gbomb
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Stubborn // ThatOneTomahawk (CubeFicAwards Winner) by cmonBruh
Stubborn // ThatOneTomahawk ( cmonBruh
Brooke Taylor is so stubborn that your head could explode. If you've ever watched one of her videos on her YouTube channel, ThatStubbornBiotxh, you'd understand EXACTLY...
  • cubesmp
  • graser10cp
  • grapeapplesauce
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#Starker VS. #Gracy: Running Out Of Time by amichelle7
#Starker VS. #Gracy: Running Out klance is my shit
#Starker VS. #Gracy Running out of time AU Stacy, Graser and Parker are roommates, YouTubers and best friends. When they were teenagers in highschool, Stacy met Parker w...
  • graser10
  • stacey
  • grasermc
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Begin Again ~ A Cube SMP Fanfiction by code_cherry
Begin Again ~ A Cube SMP Fanfictionby Aimee (Cherry) ♡
Elise has never been a people person. And after the sudden murder of her father two years ago, she barely trusts anyone at all. So when she’s forced to move to a new cit...
  • begin
  • zach
  • bayani
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Five Nights At CubeSMP by StrauburrySuga
Five Nights At CubeSMPby ; was ImmortalKat
-=+=- Is this a dream? Or your worst nightmare? "We're poor little souls who have lost all control and we're forced here to take that role" -=+=-
  • pokediger1
  • mrmitch
  • tybzi
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Cube SMP One Shots by StrauburrySuga
Cube SMP One Shotsby ; was ImmortalKat
-=+=- Hey guys, so after my story "If Only He Could Tell", I decided I would make a Cube SMP one shots book! :D (I will be taking old members and new members)...
  • pokediger1
  • thecamingdolphin
  • thecampingrusher
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Don't Think (a cube smp fanfiction) by pacific_waters
Don't Think (a cube smp fanfiction)by buffy
I knew it was a mistake. But I couldn't resist. "Don't think," he told me. So I didn't.
  • youtubers
  • xbayani
  • graser10
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Just Another One of the Guys (GraserMC Fanfiction) by Jmh_Youtube
Just Another One of the Guys ( Jmh_Youtube
DJ Hurtz is not your average 18 year old girl. She is seen as "Just another one of the guys." She is really tomboy. She dresses in skinny jeans, high tops, a t...
  • tomboy
  • love
  • grasermc
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A Kiing Meets His Queen by Weirder_Things06
A Kiing Meets His Queenby Kales
This is a Kiible Fanfic.There is a lot of things in this book that aren't real remember its a fanfic.My stories do not curse.There are no same sex relationships in this...
  • lovestory
  • kiingtong
  • kiingtongxshubble
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Cube SMP Preferences by hashtaghoneyhype
Cube SMP Preferencesby emma-kate
just posting some preferences maybe some imagines if I'm down. also the cover is Mitch because why not.
  • heyimbee
  • cubesmp
  • childdolphin
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MARRIGE by PokemonNightcore725
MARRIGEby Chloe Lavallee
its another kyrick ship romance with some sweet lies
  • minecraftuniverse
  • hbomb94
  • thecubesmp
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I Don't Just Love Pizza, I Love You... by acubelovestory
I Don't Just Love Pizza, I Love Perfectly imperfect
Hello guys!♡ This is my first fanfiction! I can't wait! This was more of a practice write, so if you choose to leave negative comments that's perfectly fine. I honestly...
  • minecraft
  • straub
  • heyimbee
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