Chapter 15. Strawberries

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Alisha pov...
I woke up to see Zach at the end of the bed looking at his phone. "Whatcha doing?" I asked curiously. "Well I decided that people should know about us, go check twitter." I grabbed my phone and went onto twitter. Graser10 tweeted "it's time for you guys to know so here's my lovely girlfriend! @AlishaLovesLife" And along with that tweet was a picture of me sleeping. So many people were congratulating us, some were hating one us and some just replied with an awe. "That is such a terrible picture of me! I'm getting you back for that!" I quickly tweeted out "here's my boyfriend @Graser10" and I put a picture of him face first in the mud with his pants caught on the fence. I knew those pictures would come in handy. "Oh my god Alisha's you took a picture of that?! I look insane." He did look pretty weird. "If you get to post a pic of me sleeping then I get to post a pic of you caught on the fence." "Fine by me!" Zach then flopped down on the bed beside me, it was 12:30pm, to early. "I swear to god all we ever do is sleep together." He laughed at my statement. "Well I'm not tired, but I can see you are." "Yeah I am, you know what would make you the bestest boyfriend ever?" "Bestest? What do you have in mind?" I grinned "could you maybe go to the store and pick me up some strawberries?" "Aw what? No why don't you do that yourself?" "Because I'm so tired and I really want strawberries! Pleeeeeease." Zach squinted his eyes at me before responding "fine I'll go, be back in a bit." And he left my room. Time to catch some sleep whiled he's out.

Zach's pov...
I got out of Alisha's house and headed for the store. It was a 10 minute walk there and a 10 minute walk back, to much exercise for one item. I made sure I had money on me, good 20 dollars. I put my headphones in and listened to music all the way there.

I entered the store and it was super busy. I walked over to the fruit and veggie section before locating a medium sized container of strawberries. There was already a long line on each check out counter so I picked the shortest one and waited. It took 5 minutes before I reached the till. "Hi I'm Kristine, is this everything for you?" That was a stupid question. Of corse it was everything, it was the only thing I had. "Uh yeah." "Okay good! That will come to $8.50" I handed her my twenty and she broke it up for me. "Thanks for shopping, come again soon!" I walked out of the store and felt the warm air on my face. It was really nice today, not to hot. Now I just have to walk back to Alisha.

I opened the door to her house and it was dead silent. I placed the strawberries in the fridge and headed to Alisha's room. There she was, passed out under the covers, she looked adorable. I sat down on the end of her bed and poked her leg. Her eyes slowly opened one by one "hey I'm back." Alisha just looked at me, I guess her eyes were still adjusting. "Good, this bed was starting to feel lonely." "I'm not going back to sleep, and you should get up now." "I am up, can't you see that my eyes are open." She yawned the got out of bed. "I'm changing don't look." I turned my head making sure I couldn't see anything. I heard her shuffle around a bit and a couple sounds of screeching hangers but then it went silent. "Ok I'm good, you can look now." I turned around and she was wearing black shorts with a pink t-shirt. "Are you going to eat the strawberries now?" "Yep! Come join me!" And with that she grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs. She grabbed the strawberries and sat down on the floor. "Yeah I still don't have any chairs..." I joined her on the ground and picked up a strawberry. We feasted until there were only a couple left. She was talking to me but I wasn't really paying attention. I still feel so warm and fuzzy inside because I finally told everyone I was dating her. "Zach? Earth to Zach. We're you even listening?" "No sorry, I was thinking about something." I thought she was going to get mad at me for a second but then she smiled. "That's okay, I wasn't talking about anything important anyways." I put away the strawberries and went into the living room. Alisha only had one couch so I sat down on it. I looked at my phone and I had tons of texts congratulating me on my relationship with Alisha. I answered them back with thank you. Alisha was still on the kitchen floor, what a weirdo.

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