Chapter 1. Moved in

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Alisha's pov...
"Mom? Yeah the house looks great. I just got the furniture in. Don't worry I'm nineteen I can handle myself... Ok. Yep. Sure thing. I gotta go and record now. I'm sorry I have to, yes i know but YouTube is my job. I'll call you later. Bye." I hung up the phone feeling exhausted. Since I need to save as much money as I can I didn't hire any movers. I don't have a lot of furniture but I had enough to make my back sore. Walking up the stairs I headed straight to my room, even though I'm alone it felt natural to close the door. I immediately started to set up my desk. I picked up my camera and started to vlog. "Hey everyone! As you know I just moved so uploads are gonna be slow." I paused to think of what to say next and all of a sudden a loud laugh came from outside. "Yeah so that's my neighbour, he or she is really loud but so am I so I guess it works out well. Also thank you for 3 million! That's so crazy, thanks everyone! So I'm gonna end here, I hope you all enjoyed!" I quickly uploaded the video with only a little bit of editing. Glancing at my clock I realized it was already 8:00, I should probably get some sleep. Starring at my bed a sudden thought came to mind. I was never aloud to jump on my bed but now that I'm alone I can do whatever I want! "Ahhh" "woah" I was having so much fun. My laugh is pretty load so I wouldn't be surprised if my neighbour could here me, but I really didn't care. I collapsed on the bed out of breath, I really need to work out. Getting comfortable in my bed I checked twitter, Instagram and YouTube. My eyes slowly started to close. And with the biggest smile I've ever made I drifted off to sleep.

So that's the end of the first chapter. I hope you all enjoyed. Next update will be what Alisha looks like. I know this chapter I short but next on will be longer!

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