Chapter 9. Take that as a yes

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Zach's pov...
She was my addiction. Her eyes were this deep brown and she had dimples the size of craters when she smiled. I kept thinking about the kiss. She tasted amazing. For the first time in forever I liked someone and they liked me back. We've been silent for some time now I need to break it. I moved towards Alisha and started to tickle her again. She immediately leaned back so I had to be over top of her to tickle her. Alisha started to smack me with a pillow so I stopped. That's when I became fully aware of where I was positioned. Alisha's left leg was in between mine and my hands were now placed beside her face. Your bodies weren't touching but you faces inches away. She gave my a glare then pushed me off. "I hate being tickled!" Oh she shouldn't have said that. "Really now." I raised my eyebrows at her and she started to laugh. This girl laughs way to much! It was twelve in the afternoon and there was nothing to do. It was dark and gloomy outside and the power had just gone out again. I leaned back in her bed and Alisha came right beside me and rested her head on my chest. Oh god my heart, it's now beating so fast! She could defiantly hear it.

Alisha's pov...
Zach laid back down and I cuddled up right next to him. I put my head on his chest and I could hear the thumping of his heart. I've never felt like this before, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside. It's like there's no evil in the world. My life is better now that I've met Zach. I stayed awake to think about the kiss but my thoughts were interrupted by Zach's snoring. Since my head was on his chest a could hear the deep rumble, and it was loud. I lifted up my head making sure I wouldn't wake him. The power was back on but I didn't feel like putting on the lights. I had a candle that smelled just like Cotten Candy on my bedside table. I left the bed to find matches. I came back and Zach was awake texting someone, he looked at me and then smiled. I went over and lit the candle. Mmmhhh that's smells really nice.

Zach's pov...
I woke up just as Alisha left the room. I immediately texted H.

Zach: you have a girlfriend so what do girls like to do?!?!?!?
Hbomb: what graser slow down. Do you have a girl over?
Zach: YES
Hbomb: ok well they like to talk and cuddle. Ummmm I don't know play some games or something.
Zach: games...really...
Hbomb: well me and my girlfriend just goof around and play games. I would tell you to kiss her but you guys are just friends.
Zach: already done that.
Hbomb: YOU KISSED HER?!?!?! Awwwwwwwwwwww
Zach: oh, I don't think I was supposed to tell you that.
Hbomb: I ship it. What's her name.
Zach: Alisha
Hbomb: Grasha
Zach: Grasha? Really?
Hbomb: yes I ship it.
Zach: oh she's back, I'll talk to you later.

I turned off my phone before I got a reply. She lit this candle that smelt really sweet. I was looking at her and I couldn't resist. I pulled her towards me and I gave her a great big hug. I even kissed her forehead. I craved her lips but I had to stop myself, I didn't want to rush things. "Um would you do me the honour of being my girlfriend?" We were still hugging so she had to let go of me.

Alisha's pov...
I looked at him. I stood on my tippy toes and kissed his soft lips. "Does that answer your question?" He leaned into me and we kissed again "mmmhhh." I'm going to take that as a yes.

Zach's pov...
She looked at me. Alisha stood on her tippy toes and pressed her lips into mine. She broke apart and asked "does that answer your question?" I leaned back into her and we kissed again "mmmhhh." I didn't want to talk so I hoped she took that as a yes. We broke apart but our foreheads were still touching. "Grasha." "What?" "Grasha, that's our ship name." That conversation went a lot better in my head. "Where did the Gr come from?" Oh yeah right. She doesn't call me graser. "I don't really like people knowing my name so everyone calls me graser." "Oh ok." My neck was starting to hurt because I had to look down, I am much taller then Alisha. With regret I pulled my head up. She smiled and blushed at me and I smiled and blushed at her. I think I love her.

Alisha's pov...
We were completely silent. I could feel Zach's Heart beat, which was beating pretty fast. I pulled away, the poor guy might get a heart attack. He have me the pouty face, I gave it back. The storm started to clear up. "Hey can we uh keep this um relationship a secret for now?" I was thinking the same thing. If any of our fans found out then they would go ballistic. "Yeah of course, tell me when your ready to tell everyone." Zach gave me a weak smile, I guess he's not very comfortable with telling anyone one any time soon. Zach was perfect. He was perfect from his personality all the way to his looks. I don't know how no one had ever kissed him before. "I should probably go now." Leaving already? "Uh yeah of course." "See you tomorrow?" "Yeah, see you tomorrow." I walked Zach to my front door. We hugged then parted our ways. As soon as I closed the door I slide down it. My smile was so big you'd think I'd just won the lottery. I think I love him.

Zach's pov...
As soon as she closed the door I ran home. I got in the house and texted H right away.

Zach: can you keep this conversation a secret.
Hbomb: yeah sure bud, how'd it go?
Zach: it went well, we're going to hang out tomorrow :)
Hbomb: good for you! I gotta go bye.

A smile started to show on my face. I had a girlfriend, and I just kissed the girl of my dreams.

Awwwwww so cute! I think this chapter is my favourite chapter so far.
1000+ words. I can't wait to write more!

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