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Q1. What genre are your books?

Answer: My story's are mostly fantasy fiction based in Ireland. But my poetry is based more on real life events and people in my life.

Q2.where do you get your inspiration?

Answer: Ireland Dublin. From the place I live in and the people in my life. I feel a writer should write about what he knows best. I am inspired to write mostly for my kids. Their my fan base(weather they like it or not:-) everyone else is a bonus.

Q3. What is your favourite quote?

Answer: Hard one this, but I have to go with.'You can lead a horse to water. But a pencil must be lead.'Laurel and Hardy.

Q4. Why do you write?

Answer: I just love to write stories, have done since I was a kid. Always found the process of writing hard. Coming up with a great story I found easy, just trying to get it down on paper very hard. I'm dyslexic . But thanks to the iPhone and it's easy to use notebook I found it a godsend. Also I find my writing connects me with my kids and my fathers generation who I try to keep their memories alive in my writing.

Q5. What's your goal here on wattpad?

Answer: My goal is simple. To write a best seller and never have to work again. Joking aside, I know I'll probably never make a penny from my scribbles, still to be able to write publish and have a few great comments and even not so great comments on my work from my fellow wattpaders is enough to keep me motivated.

Q6. What's your favourite work that you have published on wattpad and what are you working on now.

Answer: Very hard they are all so good:-) I'd have to go with little seal. A story poem I wrote for my girls ages ago. it's kind off the first piece I finished that made me feel like I could write and tell a good story.Right now I'm working on secrets of the Druids a jam packed fantasy adventure book to try to impress my teenage daughters. Impressing teenage daughters is the hardest thing on this planet that's why my writing needs to be top notch:-)


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