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Q1. What genre do you write?

Answer: I love genre fusion, so I'd say Fantasy with a dash of Horror and a wacky version of Romance. I think I've found my happy place in Urban Fantasy. I love to set free all kinds of little monsters in contemporary settings and see how they play out in our world.

Q2. What draws you to this genre?

Answer: I'm a big a bookworm as they come. The way I see it, Fantasy is sustained upon folklore. Not only do I get to write, but the research part is fun. I'm all for constructing characters that are not what popular culture perceives. There are things that we have forgotten about fairies, mermaids, vampires and the lot of them... finding these pieces of folklore and injecting them into narrative to make something new is a bit of a challenge, but I'm all for it.

Q3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Answer: I think I sort of started answering this one on question . Classic Mythology has to be my top source. Also I am very visual. I take writing cues from things around me. Depending on the mood, a walk in the park can lead to a wonderful or a very sinister place.

Q4. How did you discover Wattpad?

Answer: Through a friend, Eric Javier. We were talking about the possibility of writing together. I told him I'd never venture into publishing without at least a hundred people giving me direct feedback. I thought that would keep him away, but no... He came back with this wonderful site he had stumbled upon. Well, three years and one (Spanish) published book afterwards, I'm still grateful. And yes, he created a monster! I believe Wattpad is the best thing since someone decided to take off the crust on sliced bread!

Q5. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Answer: Editing is the bane of my existence! Not half as fun as research. Plus, being bilingual, sometimes I write with a Spanish frame of mind. There are things I need to streamline when writing in English. I tend towards lengthy paragraphs, lots of long sentences with semicolons; at least three hundred types of hyperbole and ten words that mean exactly the same thing. I think I'm doing it right now.

Q. If they were to write your "Wattpad Biography", what would be an adequate title?

Answer: "Yay! The Life and Times of a Fangirl." I don't know if it is because I'm the daughter of an Army man, but I am wired for support. I am also given to outbursts of wonder. If I read it and love it, I'll scream it from the rooftops (or at least from my profile). I believe this is a great place to connect, create, contribute, commune and take part in a whole lot of other wonderful alliterations! I firmly believe in the concept of Wattpad Love, and since it is a textually transmitted disease, there's nothing wrong with spreading it all around.


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