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Q1: What genre are your books?

Answer: My favorite and, I suppose, main genre is fantasy. However, it seems that I'm doing far better with my tips book in the Random section. I've also been dabbling in poetry, but nothing too serious.

Q2: What draws you to this genre?

Answer: Witches and wizards are just awesome. My mother still can't tell me enough about how I kept making her read me the same story about Baba Yaga ("...is a supernatural being who appears as a deformed and/or ferocious-looking woman." Thanks Wikipedia!) and how she had to change it a little each time to keep me entertained (I'm so glad that I didn't grow out of this).

I was 23 when I visited the Harry Potter studio in London. I was the only adult queueing to take a picture on a broomstick (which I fell off of). It was fairly embarrassing, but now that I think back, that was the best part of whole trip.

J.K Rowling changed my world. In all honesty, I do not think that I would be writing today if the Harry Potter series never existed. My love for literature, fantasy specifically, exploded as I touched the very first page. I wanted to be in Hogwarts, but most importantly my own imagination began to blossom. Soon enough, after writing cheesy heart break poems about my boyfriends, I had my own characters living in my head, and bugging me to let them out.

My point is it has and always will be fantasy. I want a house elf. I want to scream "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" at random people on the stairs. I want to slap that kid around who stabbed my Jon. I want be a part of the unexpected and unimaginable. Normality sucks.

Q3: What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Answer: Writing isn't hard. In fact, it's damn easy. The hard part is editing and shaping of the story. As a novice writer, the hard part was taking and using criticism. I didn't tell anyone off for giving me advice (thankfully), but I had all these internal conflicts that tried to fight off good advice because "I knew the book better and the critic simply didn't understand".

I came to terms with being wrong fairly quickly and entered the nightmare that is editing. I'm still editing four years later.

Q4: What country would you like to feature in one of your projects and why?

Answer: There are two and I love both equally! Scotland and Russia. The first is because there is nothing better than a Scottish accent—Nothing! My story also features a kingdom and Scotland has spectacular castles and beautiful scenery. Both fit so well with my story.

The second part of my book is set on frozen land. I speak Russian and have always wanted to go back and visit (but these do not really have anything to do with my book. (; ) Russian winter landscapes are glorious and again would fit with the setting of Part 2 like a dream.

Q5: Why do you write?

Answer: I want to be a witch and writing is the closest I've gotten to becoming one.


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