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Q1. What is your favorite quote?

Answer: It's funny you should ask this, as I tend to change my favorite quotes quite often. Just this week I came across a real gem: "The difference between try and triumph is a little umph."Isn't that great! 

Q2. What is the hardest part of writing for you? 

Answer: Finding the time to write. So I do it in the wee hours of the night, and in the morning when my family is at work/school. I'd write & read for 24 hours a day if I could. 

Q3. Where do you get your inspiration? 

Answer: I find inspiration in everything: in children, in a melody, while reading a news article, in history books, and simple life experiences. I find that the tiniest spark of an idea of any nature can manifest into the greatest story if only it is nurtured. 

Q4. What country would you like to feature in one of your projects and why? 

Answer: I would like to feature Montenegro, as this is where my ancestors came from, and therefore I have a soft-spot for it. I've been to this beautiful, and relatively unspoiled part of the world. What's most fascinating is that Montenegro is incredibly rich in history: there were Venetian Pirates here; the Romans came through, as did the Greeks, the Moors, the Spanish, and even the Irish. Yet somehow this country still isn't on the radar of most people. 

Q5. Why do you write?

Answer: Story-telling is one of our oldest forms of communicating. It is a way of bringing people together; of stirring emotions, of having a human connection. I tell stories for this very reason. To inform, to entertain, and to make a connection on a personal level.


#5Qi - August 3rd, 2015

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