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Q1. Why do you write?

Answer: Simply, I write to connect. Whether it's through a plot line or a punchline, I want to show you what I can do with 26 letters. And hopefully, it resonates.

Q2. What book do you wish you could have written and why?

Answer: Green Eggs and Ham. This book will always sit atop the bookshelf in the brightest corner of my memory; It's the first book I can remember my parents reading to me.

That, in itself, makes it unbelievably important to me and I'm sure others feel a certain amount of nostalgia when recounting the tale of the ever-­inquiring Sam-­I­-Am. I want to be a part of someone's life in that specific way-a beacon which triggers an ineffable emotion, tucked underneath perpetual warmth.

Q3. What inspires you?

Answer: Anyone who has ever taken a shot and missed, then had the courage to fire again.

Q4. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Answer: Self­-satisfaction. I can never really silence my inner-­critic. I mean, I tie him up and use ample amounts of duct tape, but that bastard is more elusive than the Road Runner.

Q5. What is your favorite quote?

Answer: "My father didn't tell me how to live; He lived and he let me watch." - Clarence Budington Kelland


#5Qi - August 24th, 2015

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