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I'm very grateful for your participation in this wonderful project. It was a great pleasure to work and learn more about you all.

Why we write:

"I write for fun."  -  " I write for expression."  -  "To share how the world looks through my eyes."  -  "I write as a form of therapy."  -  "Writing satisfies my creativity better than anything else."   -  "For love and for sanity."  -  " I write to understand the nature of existence."  -  "I write to understand the nature of existence."  -  "It brings me a type of peace and solitude."  -  "I write to rejuvenate my blood."  "Because I can." 

"Writing helped occupy my mind in a way that reading failed to do."  -  " It is a way of bringing people together."  -  "I write to keep my life (and brain) in balance."  -  "I write to download the always multiplying thoughts and ideas that floats around in my head."  -  "I write because a writer is immortal."   -  "I write to express thoughts and feelings."  "I guess writing is my blood."  -  "I enjoy the creative process."  -  "I found that writing gave me an emotional balance."  -  "Half the time I don't even know." 

"I write to have the opportunity to trap a reader and transport them somewhere else."  -  "I write because, if I didn't, I would be miserable."  -  "I want to be a witch and writing is the closest I've gotten to becoming one."  -  "I have always been interested in writing."  -  "I write for a lot of different reasons."  "I write because it is a passion for me."  -  "Pretty much the same answer as 'why do I read?' They just go together."  -  "I write because it makes me happy."  -  "Writing poetry for me is an expression of self."  -  "I've always loved to create stories!" 

I write because I must."  -  "Because I can't stop."   -  "The simple and most important answer is that I enjoy it."  -  "For me, that one reason is to transcribe and document parts of my life."  -  "Because I feel like I have something to say."  -  "Writing is the one talent I can count on to not fail me."  - "I write because it's always been a part of me."  "I write to please myself, my mind and heart."  -  "Simply, I write to connect."  -  "I just love to write stories."

"I want my voice heard and I wish to evoke emotions and ideas in people."  -  "Honestly, it's the only thing I've ever been good at."  -  "I write because I need a creative outlet in order to be a functioning and balanced human being."  "Writing helps me find meaning, especially when life is difficult or scary."  -  "For the joy of making things up."  "I get bored a lot with life. Real life is not as great as the life I have in my imagination."

Thanks for sharing and for making 5Qi such a great success.

We now have a better understanding of why you write.


August 29th, 2015

Thomas / 5ifthproject

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