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Q1. What inspires you? 

Answer: People's actions, questions with no answers, Good books fairy tales, nature. Really anything that catches my mind or eye.

Q2. Do you ever get writer's block, if yes, how did you get out?

Answer: Yes. If I feel numb in the head, I play with my pencils and colours and mosaics. I don't find words and visual expression to be mutually exclusive. I think what we have labeled as a block, is just an ebb in the natural flow of creativity. If all else fails, I do crossword puzzles till my head is spinning and I find a spark germinating somewhere in there.

Q3. Why do you write?

Answer: Half the time I don't even know. I've been writing since I can remember. Call it a primal urge to express; a need to get 'stuff' out of my skull.

Q4. How did you discover Wattpad?

Answer: An excellent writer and friend of too many years to many years to mention, was contributing to WP. Aware of my penchant for words, it was suggested I should check it out. I did. I'm sometimes on, oft times off....but I'm still here somewhere on the edges of this creative milieu.

Q5. What is the hardest part of writing for you? 

Answer: Making a piece flow to my satisfaction so that it looks like I didn't sweat.


#5Qi - August 10th, 2015

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