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Q1. Do you have any strange writing habits, if any, what are they?

Answer: I wake up insanely early to write. Once I wake up, my brain is like, "oh good, now get busy." I am particular about how I accomplish each stage in writing. It's easier for the ideas to flow off the computer. I jot down my plot points and outlines with a pen. I used to write in a ton of notebooks as I received scenes, but eventually decided that was terribly inefficient because I had to transfer them all to the computer and one notebook might include scenes from three different books, recipes, phone messages and my toddler's drawings! Let's just say organization is something I'm working at. I write with my Macbook Pro and have to be out of the office, either on a recliner in my living room or outside. I edit the book and format it on the big desktop screen in my office. 

Q2. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Answer: Write the next book. Don't sit around and wait for the first thing you write to take off. It may or may not (likely not), and meanwhile you are not progressing as a writer. Write several stories, and if one finds success, follow that success into a career.

Q3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Answer: Like most writers, inspiration comes from all around and often in the most unlikely places. Most of the inspiration for my stories come from websites, blogs, other books, and personal experiences (my own and others). Usually I hear something that sparks "what if" in my mind, and if the idea excites me enough, I run with it.

Q4. What country would like to feature in one of your projects and why?

Answer: I am planning to feature Belize and Mexico in book 3 of my Shadow Wars series because of the rich Mayan tradition and mythology that ties into Egypt (featured in the first 2 books). There are many other countries I would love to feature in projects, mostly so I can justify traveling for research ;)

Q5. Why do you write?

Answer: I write to entertain, yes, but I also write to understand and expand my mind. I write because, if I didn't, I would be miserable.

Q6. Do you have any fun projects you are working on?

Answer: Yes! August is officially "I Love Egypt" month. As I'm nearing the end of book 2 in the Shadow Wars series (The Bloodstone Prophecy), running a new fanfiction and fan art contest along with a book trailer contest, yay! The contest begins August 1 and ends on October 1. Winners will get their work featured in chapters in the Shadow Wars books and on my social media. Stay tuned through the month of August and September for all sorts of fun things picking up where we left off with the Shadowborn fan book, including a favorite quote contest, naming the cast, putting together official playlists for "Born of Shadow" and "The Bloodstone Prophecy," and last but not least, naming the Mummy (our official mascot). For more details, check out my profile. I hope you can join in the fun!


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