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1. How did you discover Wattpad? 

Answer: Discovering wattpad is one of the best thing that happened to me. So the memory is etched in my memory. In December 2013, I was searching on the web for 'romance love stories' to read. One of the wattpad story was listed among the options and I stumbled upon it. For around two months, I kept coming back to the site and finally signed up in February, 2014. As cliché as it sounds, I have to say wattpad has made me re-discover myself.

2. What inspires you to write?

Answer: I never in my strangest dream thought of writing. Few months back one of my reader had questioned me, what inspires you to write 'Moments of Pain' (my very first poetry collection). Back then I didn't realised the depth of it. Strangely, while answering for this question it all came to me. I choosed to write something that is close to my heart, a part of my personal life. What I felt and perceived in my real life became my first basis of inspiration to write. The kind of feedback and support I received made me write the second poem, third and it went on. My readers, friends and what I read contributes to a major chunk from where my inspiration derives. Ever since, I find inspiration to write anything that my eyes and heart sets on. People around me, their words and actions, my nephew's smile, sound, relationship, nature, food everything. A day before I was staring a dustbin and some thoughts came to my mind, like seriously!

3. What is the hardest part of writing for you? 

Answer: I'm a poetry girl. Writing poetry comes a lot more easier to me. I'm finding it difficult to write prose/story. Though I'm working on it. I think it's too much of a tedious task. Another hardest part is to get off from the craziness of life. Not only making it possible for myself to sit everyday to write. But isolating my mind mentally is very much important to me. When I don't get that, it becomes frustrating and I loose some of the creative ideas from my head. To be able to put my thoughts on paper in the best possible way, is a challenge.

4. What country would like to feature in one of your projects and why?

Answer: Definitely, my home country India! There's so much diversity, spectacular mix of people, culture and tradition, religion, language, cuisine, literature and architecture that I would love to showcase to the entire world.

5. Why do you write? 

Answer: As I said earlier, writing came abruptly and uninvited to me. Reasons why I write and inspiration behind my writing goes hand in hand. I'm inspired so I write. And I write to inspire! I write to please myself, my mind and heart. It makes me feel content with myself. I'm so much giddy with excitement whenever I post something here. Receiving appreciation for it gives me a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Sometimes, I find it hard to explain this to my family. There's a deep connection which I share with writing. It's a part of me now that I constantly want to feed, nurture and embrace.

Thank you so much Thomas for including me in this wonderful project :)


#5Qi - August 23rd, 2015

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