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Q1. What inspires you?

Answer: All of the amazing readers on Wattpad and out in the world inspire me to write and improve my writing skills. Without readers, we as writers and authors have no audience. Readers are everything!

Talented authors such as Harlan Coben, Gillian Flynn, Brandon Mull, Cornelia Funke, and Suzanne Collins also inspire me. Their ability to build worlds and create remarkable characters is completely inspiring and they make me want to improve my craft, all while reaching for the stars.

Q2. Why do you write?

Answer: I've always loved to create stories! Seriously, even as a little girl, I'd spend hours reading and writing. Writing makes me incredibly happy and every time a chapter is published on Wattpad or one of my published books goes live, I get an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and pride. Writing also allows me an outlet to share my creativity with the rest of the world. Thanks to Wattpad, I am able to share my stories with people from all over the world.

Q3. How important are names to you in your books?

Answer: Choosing names for characters in my books is super important to me! I spend a lot of time researching names and I often involve my fans in the character naming process. Make sure to follow me on Wattpad, Twitter, and like my Facebook page, where I often ask fans for their input while I'm choosing a name for a new character in one of my stories!

Q4. What is your best marketing tip?

Answer: Be grateful and interact frequently with your fans! The lovely people who read my novels make everything possible and I am so completely thankful for their love and support! THANK YOU!

Q5. What writing advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

Answer: These are the top three tips I offer to writers who ask for advice:

1) Write and write often. In order for your writing skills to improve, you need to practice!

2) Read constantly. Reading expands your mind and in my opinion, it makes you an even better writer!

3) Join a critique group. This is a group where you can share your work with other writers and receive constructive criticism on your writing.

Q6. What's New with You?

Answer: I'm working on my current work in progress (WIP), Under. I really love writing horror and dark thriller novels and after the success of Captured, I'm excited to offer my fans another horror and dark thriller novel to dive into!

I also have loads of exciting news about Captured; however, I can't share it quite yet... As we used to say in the Cayman Islands (I used to live there), "Soon come, soon come!" J

Oh, also, if you haven't read any of my work yet, I'd love for you to check it out on Wattpad, where you can read all of Grishma and Captured for free, as well as my work in progress Under. You can also pick up Grishma for free on Amazon and iBooks!


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