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Q1. What inspires you?

Answer: Mainly what I see around me, experienced, what I feel, whatever peaks my interest in the news. I'm inspired by issues or stories often unknown to most within my network here on Wattpad, that urge to share. For example; Four-year-old Elijah who left his apartment alone to play outside on that very cold February winter morning in Toronto and died in the snow. 

I'm also inspired by great timeless songs, Neil Diamond comes to mind.

Q2. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

Answer: Time! A 24-hour day is sometimes just not enough, especially during the summertime when there's a need to juggle between families, friends, reading and life in general. Finding time to transform inspiration and thoughts into words can sometimes be a huge task. So not having enough time to organize my projects in a satisfactory manner is the hardest part of writing for me.

Q3. Why do you write?

Answer: This is the most intriguing question of them all to me and I know that my attempt to offer a clear explanation why I write may fall short. 

I write to download the always multiplying thoughts and ideas that floats around in my head. A part of me believes that I write to leave a small part of me behind for clarity. The blood, sweat and laughter spells out what's in my DNA, so as the beat goes on I write. I write to be better at this craft because I know I'll have a lot more to say...Soon!

Q4. Do you have any strange writing habits, if any, what are they?

Answer: Yes, I scribble ideas and thoughts on everything within my reach to preserve that spark at various times and places. 

I usually have more clarity in regards to ideas between 2:00 - 3:00am so to ensure that they're still with me when the sun shows up. A pad is always within my reach, ready for the strange dash towards some sorts of light source with sleep still in my eyes. 

Q5. What is your favorite quote?

Answer: If you're lucky enough to do well, it's your responsibility to send the elevator back down. - Kevin Spacey

Quote two: I was encouraged by ThoughtsOnPaper to also add my own quote:

"If you're not inspired by those around you, you're in the wrong space."


#5Qi - August 5th, 2015

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