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Q1. How did you discover wattpad?

Answer: I was searching for free reading material on the internet and came across the wattpad website. I was so impressed with the writing I discovered here that I signed on and, well the rest is history, as they say. :-)

Q2. Why do you write?

Answer: I write to express thoughts and feelings I have inside that need to get out.
I began writing more for myself than for an audience.
However, since I started writing on wattpad and receiving the positive encouragement through comments about my work, I've come to realize that I enjoy the feedback I receive when readers comment on something they've read that I've written. Consequently, my writing has become not just for myself but to express my thoughts and feelings to an audience, too.

Q3. Where do you get your inspiration?

Answer: I get my writing inspiration from life. It seems that everywhere I turn there are people, animals or something in or about nature that give me an idea for something I want to write about.

Q4. What is hardest part of writing for you?

Answer: I find that the hardest part of writing for me is my finished work backing up. I have finished work ready to publish that needs to be put on wattpad. I'm still learning their new fangled publishing processes that keep changing.
My work is in a holding pattern while I have new ideas coming into my mind that I'm trying to get down on paper so I don't lose them.

Q5. How long have you been writing?

Answer: I started writing poetry as a young girl. I remember what some of it was about, although I don't still have it. I wrote for myself to express what was going on in my life. I had an emotionally rough childhood and writing helped me get through the pain of it.

Thank you for asking me to participate in your book, Thomas.
I feel honored to be included in with other such esteemed authors from wattpad.


#5Qi - August 7th, 2015

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