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-Aaliyah's POV

I shivered from the slight breeze. My phone vibrated in my pocket, causing me to jump a little. I was walking home from my friend's party, alone, and I was kind of on edge.

"Hello?" I answered the phone.

"WHERE ARE YOU !?!?" my friend's voice screamed.

I winced, pulling the phone from my ear.

"Chill.. I left early." I told her

"God, don't scare me like that. Just... get home safe"

"Okay" I said before hanging up the phone.

I walked to the corner, looking at the unfamiliar streets. 'Where am I?' I thought.

I turned left, and walked down the street. The street got darker and darker, the only light coming from a single street lamp at the end of the street.

'Ohh my god' I whined in my head. I turned around and started walking back. I heard an unsettling sound, and started walking faster.

The noise sounded again, causing me to walk even faster.

I heard the noise again, and by this time I was running.

A pair of arms wrapped around me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. A hand clasped around my mouth, making me shut up. Not like screaming would do anything. This street was completely vacant. 'There probably aren't any houses for miles' I thought.

The person turned me around, and under the dim moonlight, I noticed that it was Jacob, a boy from my school.

"Jacob! What the fuck!? You scared me shit-less!" I yelled.

He swayed us from side to side. "Sorry" he mumbled, closing his eyes.

I pushed him off of me. I turned and tried to walk away. Jacob grabbed my hand and turned me around to face him. He pulled me closer to him. Even under the moonlight, I could see the glimmer in his eyes.

Loud music approached us. I look over to see the boys that Jacob hangs out with, Craig, Ray, and Chresanto.

"Heeeey there, Sexy" Chresanto slurred.

"You need a ride home?" Ray asked, drunk as well.

"Ugh no" I said turning around and walking away.

Jacob, once again, grabbed me. "Let us take you home" he whispered in my ear.

I jerked my hand away from him. "No!" I yelled.

Craig opened the door to the back seat and slowly closed his eyes, scooting over.

Jacob looked up and down the vacant street for any witnesses.

He pushed me into the car and got in, closing the door before I could react.

He put a chloroform towel over my mouth. I tried to pull his hands off, but he was to strong.

I was knocked out due to the effect of the chloroform.

I awoke some time later. I was in a dimly lighted room, on the floor, with my hands tied behind my back. I looked down and noticed that I only had on my bra and panties.

"Where...? What..?" I questioned out loud.

Jacob, Craig, Ray, and Chresanto all walked in, with nothing on but boxers, their growing bulges noticeable.

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