You were chillin(like a villin lol) in your room just watchin tv. You were bored so you decided to text your bf, Ray Ray


[VallidLikee_YN]: Ray!

[Ray_StaysTrendy;)] : Yeah bae?

[VallidLikee_YN]: I'm boooored

[Ray_StaysTrendy;)] : What should i do about it?

[VallidLikee_YN]: Come over? :DD

[Ray_StaysTrendy;)] : Ok. Be over in like 45min

[VallidLikee_YN]: Yaaaay! Kk see you in a liddo bit

You smiled and took a quick 5 min shower. You got dressed and put on some lingerie. Then you put on some booty shorts and a crop top. You still had about 35 minutes til Ray got there so after about 25 minutes of watching tv you decided put on some music. Some twerkin music came on and you got up and twerked to it. You had danced to "Bandz A Make Her Dance" and "Pop That" and was currently twerkin to "Birthday Cake" . About half way through the song you heard someone say "DAMMMN, Bae. I aint know you got it like THAT!"

You turn back to see Ray standing in your door way with a smirk on his face. You couldnt help but blush at the fact that Ray saw you. "How'd you get in here?" you asked him. He walked over to you "I Know where you keep the spare key" he smirked at you. "Oh" you said embarrassed and you looked at the floor. He grabbed your chin and gently tilted your head back up. He looked in your eyes and smiled. "I like the way you were twerkin. It'd be better if you did it on me tho" He smirked at you. You laughed slightly. "You askin me to twerk on You?"

"Yup" he said still smirking. "Okay then" You replied simply. You went back and restarted Birthday Cake and started twerkin on him. He started grinding on you and after about a minute you felt somethin poking you. You realized that Ray had a bòner. You backed up on him more and moaned lightly. You felt yourself get wet and Ray grabbed your waist and started dry humping you(lol).

You started letting out your soft moans. "Mmmm fùck, Ray" you moaned. He smirked and whispered in your ear "You want me?" He started dry humping you faster. "Yes! Mmmm I want it" You moaned a little louder. "How bad do you want it?" Ray asked, groaning a little. "Reeeeally bad! Please Ray!" You moaned getting even wetter.

He smirked and pulled off your shirt and started using one hand to play with your bòòbs through your bra. He sled his other hand in your panties and gently started to massage your clít. He got faster on your clít and you moaned kinda loud. He slid his own shirt off and unhooked your bra, sliding it down your arms and letting it fall to the floor. He leaned down and flicked your hard nipple with his long tounge. He slid his hand out your shorts and licked his fingers, tasting your juices.

"Mmmmmm" he winked at you. He pulled off your shorts and pulled off your panties. He went down and licked you before sliding his tounge deep inside you. And as we all know Ray's tounge is long as FUCK!!

"Uhhh, Ray. I'm bout to cùm!" You managed to get out moaning loud. As soon as you said that Ray stopped and went up. You calmed down a little and Ray took off his pants and boxers. You looked at his Huge díck standing at full attention.

He went over to you and pinned you up against the wall. "YN, you're flexable, right?" Ray asked before sliding in you. You nodded yes. Ray smirked. "We deffinately gonna have fun tonight"

Ray roughly slid in you fitting every inch of his díck in. He started thrusting in and out harder and deeper each time. He was going at a medium pace. Your moans could be heard all over the house. Ray unpinned you and open your legs as wide as they can go. He held them there and picked up the pace. He started going as hard and fast as he could. He slipped even deeper than he was before. You could now feel him just below your belly botton.

You were screaming and you were pretty sure that the neighbors could hear you, but you didnt care. Ray pushed himself even deeper (if that was even possible) and you screamed at the top of your lungs. "Fùck, YN, you're so damn tight" Ray groaned. "Mmmmmm Ray! Shít!" You moaned really loudly. He released you and pulls you towards the bed. He pushed you on It and climbs back on top of you kissing your neck. You moaned his name softly. Ray flipped you over so that you were on all 4s and slid into your tight, wet, hot, juicy pùssy from the back.

You moaned and Ray grabbed your hair, making you his own personal fùcking toy. "Scream for me" Ray demanded. "RAAAAAAAAYYYYY!! Fùck!" you screamed. He let go of your hair and grabbed your hips slamming you back on his dick more.

He grinded into you more and you felt your walls tighten aroung Ray's hard díck. "Ray! I'm cùmming!" You moaned loudly. "Cùm for me" he mumbled in your ear. You came on his díck and he kept pumping in you for about 5 more minutes. He pulled out.

He sat down on the bed. "Get up and ride me" he said. You tried getting up, but you were in too much pain. "Dammit, Ray. I cant move."

He chuckled and picked you up. He placed you on his lap so that you straddled him (díck not in you) You decided to tease him a little, knowing it was a bad idea. You took him in your hands and rubbed the tip on your pùssy slowly. "I wouldnt tease if I were you" Ray warned you. You paid no attention to him. You slid the tip in and out of you and you were moaning a little. You started to rub the tip on your pùssy again. He took a hold of your waist and slammed you on his díck. You moaned and fell to his shoulder. He started making you bouce on his díck a little. You took over and rode him until you felt his díck twitch in you. You got off of him and got on your knees and sucked him up til he came in your mouth. Then you both fell aleep.

When you woke up, Ray wasnt there. But, you did have a text from him

[Ray_StaysTrendy;)] : I went home to do somethin for my mom but I'll be back. Then maybe we can have a round 2? ;)

You smiled and layed back down thinkin bout what you just did with your bf, and what round 2 will be like.

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