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It's Prodigy's Birthday!! :D  

You Wanna Do Something Special For His Birthday, But You Don't Know What. For Now, You invited him to your house, and you're cooking for him. You're making fried chicken, rice, and corn. You got dressed in a short dress that was tight at the top and looser on the bottom. After you finished curling your hair, you heard the doorbell ring. You went to go answer the door and there stood Prod dressed up all sexy and shit :D

~After yall eat~

"Wanna watch a movie?" you smiled at Prod. He smiled back at you "sure :)" You took his hand and led him to the couch in the living room. "Soo, what cha wanna watch?" you asked. He made the sexiest thinking face before smiling suductively at you. "Porn?" he asked. "Only cuz it's your birthday." you sighed. You put on a porno that was about 8 minutes. By the time it was over you saw that Prodigy's díck was fully erect and it made a huge bulge in his pants. Seeing how hard Prod was made you get wet. You leaned over to kiss him. He deepened the kiss and turned it into an all out make-out session. You ended up on his lap with his hands exploring your aśś 

You suddenly got a idea. You pulled away "I'll be right back" you told him. You went upstairs and put on your lingerie. You straightened up your hair. "Prod! Baby!! Can you come here please???" Prodigy walked in and his eyes widened at what he saw. He went over and wrapped his arms around your waist. He squeazed your aśś hard making you jump a little. You stepped out of his reach. "Nope! No touchy-touchy! This is part of your birthday present. Now sit in that chair" you pointed to a chair in the middle of the room. He looked at you one more time, his eyes examining every inch of your body. He then went to sit in the chair. You went and turned on "Dance for You" by Beyonce. 

You got back to him and started dancing for him. You got and his lap grinding on his hard còck making him groan. You kissed his neck while teasing him causing him to groan louder. You rubbed him down and grabbed his díck. You took off his shirt and his pants. You took off his boxers and got on your knees. You licked the head of his còck before taking him into your mouth fully. You hummed while sucking him, making his díck vibrate in your mouth. You sucked and sucked until he came in your mouth. You got up and whispered in his ear "You have permission to do whatever you want to me" He smiled and picked you up and threw you on the bed. He ripped off you clothes and went down eating you out. He ate out your soaking wet pùssy until he sensed that you were about to cùm.  

He stopped and pulled away giving you some time to calm down. He grabbed his shaft and placed himself at your entrace. He roughly slid into your tight pùssy. He thrusted in and out really fast and hard. He was really deep inside you and you could feel him just below your belly button. "FUCK!!! PRODIGY!" you yelled. "Damn, YN, you feel so good" he moaned in your ear. He went even faster. You felt him throbbing inside of you. He played with your bòòbs and managed to get himself deeper. He pulled out and laid down. You got up and hopped on his díck. 

You rode him really good. You knew he was enjoying it. His head was back, his eyes were rolling back in his head, and he was groaning loud.. You kept going until he came inside of you. He went down eating you out again until you came in his mouth.. 

You guys then laid down and just touched eachother 'til yall fell asleep

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