Birthday Imagine for Princeton ;)

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This is a special update for Prince for his birthday :D 


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" you yelled, jumping off the couch and going to hug Prince as soon as he entered the room. "Thank you" he said, still half asleep.

You lead him to the couch ant sat down. "Soo, what you gonna do today?" You asked, pulling him down by his arm so that he sat next to you.

"I dont know" he yawned with a shrug of his shoulders. "Let's throw a party!" you sugested

"Okay" he said simply.

"Sound more excited. It's your birthday"


"That's better. Now go call people and tell them to come to your party"

"Damn, you bossy. But okay"

"Watch it. Just cuz it's your birthday dont mean I wont pimp slap you"

He chuckled. "Okay then" He walked over to you and puckered his lips.

"You still got mornin breath, but I'll kiss you cuz it's your birthday and I love you" You pecked his lips.

He smiled in victory before engulfing you in a giant hug. You two fell on the couch. Prince started leaving kisses all over your face and neck. 

"I love you" He mumbled in your neck.

"I love you too"

You kissed his forehead. "Now go" You giggled pointing upstairs.

"Okay, okay. Jeez"

Prince walked upstairs. You took out your phone and called your friend.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Can you take me somewhere?"

"Damn, I dont even get a 'hi' back"

"Okay, hi. Can you take me somwhere?" you repeated your question

"Sure, where do you need to go?"

"I want to get a new dress for Prince's party"

"I'll take you only if I'm invited"

"You already knew you was comin!"

"Yay!" she exclaimed

"Okay. Be over in like 15 minutes. And yo ass BETTER be ready, or I'm leavin"

"Okay" you laugh.

You hung up the phone. You went upstairs and put on a a pair of jeans and the 'Misfits' shirt that Princeton bought you.

You put your hair into a bun and went downstairs. You turned on the tv and relaxed for a few minutes.

The sound of a car horn blared from outside. You ran out and hopped into your friend's car.

~-~6 Hours Later ~-~

You walk into your house, with the party already in full blast. You made your way through the crowd of people up to your room. You took out the dress that took you hours to find.

You got dressed and took your hair out of it's bun. You ran the flat iron through it real quick.

You were finaly satisfied with your outfit and went back downstairs to find Prince.

You found him sitting on the couch talking to Prod, Roc, and Ray.

"Ahem" You cleared your throat, causing their attention to turn to you. All four boys eyes widened when they saw you.

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