You and Princeton were sitting and watching a movie. You were sitting comforatably on his lap while you two were snuggled up under the covers. A sex scene came on and you felt Princeton get hard under you. You look at Princeton and he blushes. "Sorry, I can't help it. Especially when I'm up agaist someone as sexy as you ;)" You laughed at his freakiness and kissed him. Prince licked the bottom of you lip asking for entrace, which you gladly gave him. You and him had a 2minute make-out session before he slid his hand down to your aśś and pulled you closer. Your hands slid up his shirt and you started tracing his abs with your fingers making him shiver. You pulled off his shirt and he did the same to you. He massaged your bòòbs through your bra. Princeton reached behind you and unhooked your bra. He started to play with your nípples making them hard in his hands. He slid off your pants and rubbed your pùssy through your panties causing moans to escape your mouth. He slid your panties off and went down on you. He licked you clít and played with it using his tounge. Then he stuck his tounge in you as far as it goes. You moaned his name loudly. He started tounge fùcking you deep, swirling his tounge in all directions. When Prince sensed that you were about to cùm he stopped and went back up. You stood up and pulled his pants down. You kissed him and rubbed his díck through his boxers causing him to groan softy. You got on you knees and pulled his boxers down. He looked down at you as you took him in your mouth. He tilted his head back in pleasure and pushed your head down more, making you choke. You sucked him up for about 5 minutes then stopped and stood back up. Prince kissed you and pushed you on the bed. He kisses your neck and sucked your sweet spot making you moan. He slid his big díck inside you causing you to moan softly. He pushed himself in and out of your pùssy slowly. "Faster" you moaned. Prince obeyed and went faster and harder. He thrusted deeper and deeper as your moans got louder and louder. Prince flipped you over and started hitting it from the back. He smacked you aśś giving it more color. Moans filled your house and Prince was giving it to you good. He leaned over and you felt his breath in your ear. "What's my name?" Prince whispered in your ear. "Princee" you moaned loudly. "Mmmm nope. Try again" he groaned. "Papi" you moaned. "Scream it. I want the neighbors to know my name" Prince said breathing heavy. "PAPIIIIIIII!!!!!" you screamed. Prince went on fùcking you. About 10 minuted later you felt pressure building up in your lower stomach. "Papi, I'm gonna cùm!" you moaned. As soon as you said that Prince went down and ate you out until you came in his mouth. Then you got back on your knees and sucked him til his warm, tastey cùm shot into you mouth. You both got back under the covers and snuggled watching the end of the movie, trying to catch your breath. He started rubbing your thigh and you looked up at him. "Round 2?" He winked at you. He smirked and kissed you. He stuck himself back in you as you started round 2.

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