Roc Imagine [Personal For Amber]

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Roc seems to be the most popular with the imagines. No one really wants Prod Or Prince... and barely any want Ray.. Let's just get on with the imagine, shall we?

Enjoy rocluv143 :)


-Amber's POV

I sighed, putting my bag down. I took my jacket off, hanging it on the coat rack.

I slowly walked up the stairs to my room and plopped down in my bed next to my husband.

"Rough day?" Roc asks, looking away from the tv and at me.

"Yeah" I huffed. I closed my eyes, relaxing on the bed.

"I know something that'll fix you up" He smiled.

"None of that sexual stuff right now, Roc. I'm not in the mood"

Roc pulled me on his lap and started rubbing my shoulders.

"Why are you so hard?" I questioned, adjusting myself in his lap.

"I'm not," he laughed. "It's just big"

"Ughhhh," I groaned. I got off his lap and stretched. "I'ma go take a shower"

I knew he was going to try something with me. I'm honestly not in the mood.

I closed the bathroom door and turned on the shower. I stripped and stepped into the shower.

The warm water consumed me, putting relief on my muscles. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling.

I grabbed my body wash and poured on my washcloth. I started washing my body.

The shower curtain suddenly opened. I jumped, covering my body.

There stood Roc, naked and hard as ever.

"What the hell, Roc?!" I screamed.

He licked his lips as his eyes wandered over my body.

"Room for one more?" he asked, stepping in with me.

"I guess. But I'm serious when I say no sexual shit"

He frowned. "Awww. Okay" he said as he pouted.

I turned around. Lord knows I can't resist that face. You'd know if you had ever seen it.

He gently grabbed my waist, pulling me to him. His breathing was kind of heavy, and us being body to body made my breath heavy, too. Roc ran his hands up and down my sides.

"I'm serious, Roc. Stop.." I whispered, not really wanting him to stop.

Ignoring me, Roc ran his hand down my stomach, to my 'area'

His fingers slowly slid across my clít, causing me to jump. I moaned, closing my eyes in pleasure. I could already feel how wet I was. I felt Roc begin to leave a trail of kisses from my neck to my shoulder.

He turned me so that I faced him. His eyes were full of lust and want. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him, licking his lips seductively.

He leaned closer as his breath hit my face, sending shivers down my spine.

"Just give in," he whispered. "You know you want to"

You know what? Fuck this.

I leaned in and kissed him with everything I had. Roc picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, and, in a way, slammed me up against the tiled wall.

A slight moan escaped my lips as Roc pressed his body onto mine. Roc nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck.

"You want it?" he mumbled against my skin.

"Yes" I breathed.

"How bad?" I felt him smirk. His fingers once again found my clít, causing me to wimper in pleasure.

"I... I.... " I couldn't get my answer out as Roc slipped 2 fingers into me. He pounded me harder and harder with his fingers. I slowly lost my grip on him so I just had to stand up. My knees became week and Roc had to use his other hand to support me.

"Fùck!" my moaned echoed in the room.

He removed his fingers and brought them to his mouth. Roc put his fingers in his mouth, sucking the juices off of them.

"You taste good" he winked at me as I tried to slow my breathing.

Roc turn me around and bended me over. He rubbed the tip of his díck around my pùssy lips before sliding in roughly.

I moaned as Roc took a grip on my hips and pulled me back on him. He pushed himself against me when he pulled me back so that he met the thrusts.

"What's my name?" Roc panted, bringing his mouth close to my ear.

"Roc," I whimpered looking back at him.

"No, it's Daddy. Now say it!" he demanded.

"Daddy!" I moaned. "Shit!"

Roc went even harder. He grabbed a handfull of my hair.

"You like this díck? I love that pùssy. Fuck you feel so good" he whispered in my ear. Roc's dirty talk turned me on even more.

He pulled out and turned me around.

Once again, he had me up against the wall. Roc positioned himself at my enterance before pushing his length in me.

The sounds on moans, groans, and skin slapping filled the room.

"Ohhh my God! Daddy! Yes! Harder" I moaned, scratching up his back.

"Fuck!" Roc yelled as he threw his head back in pleasure. "Who's pùssy is this?"

"Yours," I panted, closing my eyes in complete pleasure.

"I own this?"

"Yes, Daddy!" I moaned as one of his hands found my bòòb.

"Shit," he mumbled pulling out just in time for his juiced to spill everywhere. "You got Daddy cùmming"

I got on my knees, closing my eyes to avoid the shower water getting in my eyes. Cùm got on my chest and face. I licked the tip, getting the remaining cùm off of it.

I stood back up, wiping the cùm off of me.

Roc bent down and picked me up. He brought his lips to mine (and not the ones on my face ;))

His tounge flicked my clít, and I ran my fingers through his curls. Roc licked my up and down, eating me like it was the last time.

"Fuuuuuck! I'm cùmming!" I screamed.

"Cùm for me. I want it," he mumbled against my pùssy lips. As if his permission was all I needed, I came in his mouth. He got up and slid me down some. With my legs once again wrapped aoung him, he stepped out the shower.

He brought me to the room and threw me on the bed. I laid down, closing my eyes, only wanting to rest. I felt Roc's hands rubbing my inner thighs.

"You think we're done here?" he asked with a smirk.

I looked at him, waiting for an answer. He pulled me closer to him by my waist and started kissing my neck, again......


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