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-Katie's POV

My phone went off, making me grumble and turn over to pick it up. I opened the text message from my boyfriend, Ray.

[2wice]: Goodmorning ms sunshine

I smiled at his message.

[ColorMeKatiee]: Goodmorning babe.

I received another text from him moments later.

[2wice]: Call me mr sunshine, dammit

I laughed at Ray's goofiness

[ColorMeKatiee]: Lol. Goodmorning mr sunshine :)

[2wice]: That's better lol.

[ColorMeKatiee]: Nigga, come get me

[2wice]: You lucky I love you. Be there in like 20

[ColorMeKatiee]: Love you, too & okay

I quickly got up, a took a quick 5 minute shower. I got dressed and did my hair with 9 minutes to spare. I applied some lipgloss to my lips, before grabbing my jacket and heading downstairs.

"Hey, mom" I said with a smile, heading into the kitchen.

"Hey, baby"

I grabbed some grapes out of the bowl, and went to go sit on the couch. I didn't turn on the tv. I simply sat, eating my grapes, waiting for Ray.

A few minutes later, I heard the sound of a car horn. I ran to the door, my bookbag slung over my shoulder. Opening the door, I smiled when I saw Ray's car parked outside.

"Later, momma!" I yelled in the house.

"See ya, hun" I barely heard her as I slammed the door.

I ran to Ray's car and gave him a peck on the lips.

"I have a surprise for you" he smirked.

"What is it?"

"Well, if I tell you, it wont be a surprise, will it? Just meet me after basketball practice"

"Where you want me to meet you?"

"Outside of the locker rooms" Ray winked.

Sitting back in the car, I stared out the window, wondering.

'What could Ray want? Outside of the locker rooms? Why there?' Questions ran through my head.

The rest of the car ride was silent, not including Ray's quiet whistling to 'Started From The Bottom'.

We arrived at the school and Ray got out to open my door. As we walked towards the school, he locked the car and slung his arm around my shoulder.

The bell rang, causing all of the kids to pile into the school, fearing the thought of being late.

I was pulled into a kiss that lasted about 20 minutes. "See you later" Ray winked.

The day dragged on, the whole time I wondered what Ray wanted.

Several hours passed before I slowly walked to the gym.

The only people in there, besides me of course, were Ray and his friend, Chresanto, but he prefers Roc. I hung out with him a few times. He's a pretty cool guy.

"Hey, bae!" Ray's voice echoed through the almost empty gym as he turned his attention from his basketball to me.

He walked over to me, embracing me in a hug.

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